30 April 2011

Zelda Capsule Toys

Z for The Legend of Zelda

These are capsule toys which comes with straps that can use as handphone accessories from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ゼルダの伝説 ふしぎのぼうし

Here's the intro of the Game.

The Legend of Zelda is a classic and one of the iconic game in Nintendo. The hero of the game is known as Link while the name Zelda was referring to the Princess. Here's how Princess Zelda look like.

In the beginning of the adventure of the series, Link will come with his Smith's Sword.

These series were produced in 2004 license by Nintendo

In the Minish Cap, there is this cute weapon for Link in that game named Gust jar!

*Suck and Puff Attack!

It is one cool weapon that suck in object or even enemies near it and projectile it to hit another object and or enemies.Silly but cool weapon!

Here you can see the small classic shield of Link. Never really change since the 8 bits era. LOL

Another cool gadget in the game, Mole Mitts.

In the older series, Link would have a shovel but in this series, he has the Mole Mitts that allow him to dig through loose wall or tunnels.

* Dig Dig Dig

On top of Link head that look like a cap is Ezlo which is a living creature.

The identity of Ezlo can be found in the ending of the game (spoiler ahead)

Now I guess many fan of this game is waiting for the N3D version to further their Zelda adventure. I know I am.

With Zelda, this marked the end of my A-Z Blogging Challenge and I hope you guys enjoy this series as it is really a challenge to me. :)

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29 April 2011

Yoda, my old Jedi Master

Y for Yoda

Yoda from the Empire Strike Back by Kenner is one of the remaining childhood toy that is still with me today. Yoda was one of mine favorite for being the most important old wise man who trained my heroes for any training needed during playtime. Sadly after years of playing and misplacement, this is what remain of him.

*Totally naked Yoda

Originally he came with a snake, cane, belt and a real life robe but this is what is left of him. I am ashamed of what had happened to him.

Due to old age of the toy, some of the paint are peeling off.

There are many versions of Yoda especially the new Episode 1 to 3 but I still have a deep love for the Muppet done by Jim Henson. He bring to life the old and wise Jedi Master who know what he was doing was one with the force.

* The best Yoda ever!

I just can't stand the newer Yoda especially Episode 1..

It was so bad that they decided to redo Yoda in episode 1 on Bluray...

Many of us make fun of Yoda by his voice and the way he speaks because of his sentence structures. The old Jedi master in Empire Strike back and even Return of the Jedi do not need to speak much but when he speak, you got to listen.

This Yoda of mine is close to 30 years old. Like what Yoda ending line in Return of the Jedi...

Yes there is another (actually more than 2) of Yoda in my collection but I dedicate this just for my old Jedi Master toy who survive over and above Luke Skywalker in my toy collection.

Do you have a Yoda too?

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28 April 2011

X-Factor 20 years old Comic

X is for X-factor! X-factor is a Marvel comic and I have one of the issue that dated back in the early 1990s.

This was a FREE copy I received when I visited STGCC 2010. As old as the comic was, it really bring me some fond memories of what happening during those period in the comic industry.

For one, the comic was sure at affordable price for USD $1.00

This is possible because of advertisement in the comic book. So it is a common sight to see every 2 pages, advertisement came up on another page.

In 1991s, computer coloring and printing were not yet introduced, so the color can be rather restricted due to color printing technology then. Coloring was done hand painted.

The paper quality was rather poor then which make the textures of the print uneven especially where there are too much black tone.

I remember in order to reduce or slow down the effect of oxidation, the comic normally come with a specialize cardboard to store the seal comic in storage. 

Regarding advertisement, it pretty document and speak up what was happening in that era of 1990s. So which are the great advertisers in comic then? The Game industry. Game console such as Sega Genesis 16 bit! I own one of this set in the early 1990s.

Remember how was the graphic in video game? Yes the square pixelize era where everything is in block and 2D

However the advertisement of such game uses good looking drawing to fish in the customers. Looking back, I felt how silly the consumers were to buy in such advertisement for the promise of fun.

Another device that mark that era of gaming is hacking hardware and software such as this.

As some of the game maybe too challenging, some thought of ways to cheat the game and true enough they satisfy that part of demand with this which gave cheat in status to finish some impossible mission.

Card game was there too such as the NBA card. NBA was huge during those era.

Again here's a photo of how poor the printing quality was. See the double images?

Not forgetting Advance Dungeons and Dragons another huge happening back then which met with much condamnation and labelled as occult.

For comic, there were advertisement such as mail order.

Subscription of comic books that suppose to mail to you on time.

Back in those days, you have to fill in the forms by hand, buy a postage stamp and send it out by snail mail.

The comic also comes with interaction like Question and Answers via snail mail.

Not forgetting a column by Stan Lee

Signed off my Stan Lee himself. This is a GEM!

Reading this comic is like walking down a memory lane. I know some of the readers here may not even been born when this comic was issued and hopefully this will give you some ideas how comic was back in the good old 90s.

Are you still reading comic now?

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27 April 2011


W for Worrible

This Worrible was designed by Artist Andrew Bell with Squishable, Inc will bring you the perfect plush prescription for all your troubles!

The Worrible is super soft by Fabric and Poly Fill and the squishy Worrible is genetically engineered to be in tune with human anxiety. It is approximately 16" just good for a adult to squeeze it.

Prescription as follows:
Grab a Worrible, give it a squeeze (5 seconds or more) and your problems will be absorbed into to the Worrible's own body and subsequently converted into a calming excretion. Repeat whenever overwhelmed.

The plush is listed at USD$48.

Available wholesale via DKE Toys, and soonish direct from the Dead Zebra online shop or via Squisable.com

Do you need a Worrible?

Buy Worrible GIANT Plush Figure

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26 April 2011

Vocaloid 01 Miku Hatsune

V for Vocaloid and to begin, I got to start from 01 Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune.

I became a fan of Miku Hatsune the moment I started playing Project Diva on my PSP. From the game to her songs and from her songs, to the toys. I always wanted a decent Miku figure for display. I couldn't get a figma and some of the display figure are just way over my budget.

My prayers were answered when I heard about SEGA is having a Miku Hatsune figure for SEGA Prize machine. Without hesitation, I placed my order of it.

At the back of the box are instruction on how to assemble Miku Hatsune display figure from SEGA PRIZE.

Upon display, this Miku stand close to 12 inches!

What rocks are the details and I am going to show you. Firstly, the expression of Miku Hatsune was well capture as a 16 years old gal with a sweet and cheerful smile.

All Vocaloid comes with a headphone and for Miku, she has a tattoo on her left arm and not forgetting her digital hand warmer.

On the other side, she has her microphone.

Did you notice she has color painted nails? She has a name tag on her shirt too.

As for her shoes, surprisingly she was not on heels. Maybe because she still in her school uniform.

To support the weight of her hair or pony tails, the toy comes with a transparent stand to shoulder the weight.

Here's a comparison photo with a petite Miku Hatsune to show off the size of this Miku display. Isn't the toy tall?

Are you a Miku Hatsune fan as well?

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25 April 2011

Unicorn Gundam

U for Unicorn and it is for Unicorn Gundam.

There is always not enough love for me to talk about Unicorn Gundam. It is one special Gundam that has double mode and most Gundam fans love the NT-D Destroy mode. It is not that I do not like Destroy mode but I personally fancy more on the plain white Unicorn.

Seriously how often you see a Gundam that doesn't have that signature Gundam head feature? Because of the Unicorn mode head, no one actually know it was a Gundam until the NT-D is activated by Banagher Links. it was a good disguise.

Now in Unicorn mode, it was seen using range weapon for assault and it's shield for defense most of the time.

As most action was done during Destroy mode, most would think that Unicorn mode is useless and what can I say but to agree on that. However that doesn't mean Unicorn mode is totally useless.

I won't go into more detail convincing why I find Unicorn mode is interesting but just to show you the love I have for the uniqueness of Gundam Unicorn with some of my collections. :)

* Between a HG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam and a DG Gashapon Gundam Unicorn (Pearl color)

Do you love Gundam Unicorn too?

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