R for Redeemer

When we talk about the word Redeemer, most of us think about religion such as Lord Jesus Christ especially this is a day away from Good Friday. But for this case, this is a character in Spawn comic series. Redeemer is a anti-spawn.

This toy was mcfarlane Spawn figure line. It was a hit for it pose and the big spread wings. It look magnificent as a display figure.

Since he is from heaven legion, most of his accessories were made of Gold such as the armor...

His sword...

And even his boots! Expect nothing less from the team heaven.

The detail of the gold and blue are a good combination that bring the depth of the figure.

The wing added the depth in photography too. If you are wondering, part of the feathers toward the end are soft rubbery material. Still consider plastic I guess. If you notice, Redeemer had a number of crosses on it's armor pieces. You can say that he is kinda like the crusader.

If you must know, the wings can be detached from the figure. But without the wings, Redeemer won't look so magnificent isn't it?

I got this figure during a clearance sales back in early 2000 when there was a Spawn-asia outlet in Singapore. Good time.

Do you need a Redeemer?

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