Zelda Capsule Toys

Z for The Legend of Zelda

These are capsule toys which comes with straps that can use as handphone accessories from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ゼルダの伝説 ふしぎのぼうし

Here's the intro of the Game.

The Legend of Zelda is a classic and one of the iconic game in Nintendo. The hero of the game is known as Link while the name Zelda was referring to the Princess. Here's how Princess Zelda look like.

In the beginning of the adventure of the series, Link will come with his Smith's Sword.

These series were produced in 2004 license by Nintendo

In the Minish Cap, there is this cute weapon for Link in that game named Gust jar!

*Suck and Puff Attack!

It is one cool weapon that suck in object or even enemies near it and projectile it to hit another object and or enemies.Silly but cool weapon!

Here you can see the small classic shield of Link. Never really change since the 8 bits era. LOL

Another cool gadget in the game, Mole Mitts.

In the older series, Link would have a shovel but in this series, he has the Mole Mitts that allow him to dig through loose wall or tunnels.

* Dig Dig Dig

On top of Link head that look like a cap is Ezlo which is a living creature.

The identity of Ezlo can be found in the ending of the game (spoiler ahead)

Now I guess many fan of this game is waiting for the N3D version to further their Zelda adventure. I know I am.

With Zelda, this marked the end of my A-Z Blogging Challenge and I hope you guys enjoy this series as it is really a challenge to me. :)

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