Jack Sparrow

J for Jack and we are not talking about the Jack that jump over the candle stick.

Jack Sparrow, he preferred to be called CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

While the actor Johnny Deep had a number of successful characters he personify to his belt, Jack Sparrow is one that spawn several sequels of the franchise "Pirate of the Caribbean" by Disney. Since when Disney and Pirates mix? Who cares?! It's rolling in lots of cash and that is all that matters.

Due to it's popularity, it's not surprising Jack Sparrow had a few toys over a some toy line.

NECA produce a number of Captain Jack Sparrow both in 7" and 18". NECA version is good for display as the toys have limited articulation.

If you want a Captain Jack Sparrow purely for display and last longer, Sideshow Collectibles will be one of the good choice for a statue. It's a PREMIUM piece.

For details, smaller size and articulation, Kaiyodo Revoltech No.025 Jack Sparrow will be a good alternative for collectors. Just look at the details and the way they hide the joints.

Close up on the facial likeness of Jack sparrow.

It comes with simple accessories. Jack Sparrow like to travel light. I was hoping to see the compass tho.

Nothing can be complete with a Diorama stand of a Pirates flag.

Revoltech version of Jack Sparrow is currently out now. So look out for it.

If you are a collector of 12" toys, you will have two choices.

One from Medicom which already released a couple of years back. You can read more of Medicom Jack Sparrow at Toyhaven.

* Photo credit to Toy haven.

Or you can start ordering this DX Hot toys edition. Adore with realistic facial likeness of Jack Sparrow, this DX version allow you to even move the eye.

The layers of real clothing and detail accessories make the figure look so alive.

Peel off the outer coat and discover more details!

Here's a full detail on what are included in the DX version.

If you are a Jack Sparrow fans, you have number of choices to choose from before it is all sold out. So which version of toy line will you pick?

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