Unicorn Gundam

U for Unicorn and it is for Unicorn Gundam.

There is always not enough love for me to talk about Unicorn Gundam. It is one special Gundam that has double mode and most Gundam fans love the NT-D Destroy mode. It is not that I do not like Destroy mode but I personally fancy more on the plain white Unicorn.

Seriously how often you see a Gundam that doesn't have that signature Gundam head feature? Because of the Unicorn mode head, no one actually know it was a Gundam until the NT-D is activated by Banagher Links. it was a good disguise.

Now in Unicorn mode, it was seen using range weapon for assault and it's shield for defense most of the time.

As most action was done during Destroy mode, most would think that Unicorn mode is useless and what can I say but to agree on that. However that doesn't mean Unicorn mode is totally useless.

I won't go into more detail convincing why I find Unicorn mode is interesting but just to show you the love I have for the uniqueness of Gundam Unicorn with some of my collections. :)

* Between a HG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam and a DG Gashapon Gundam Unicorn (Pearl color)

Do you love Gundam Unicorn too?

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