Vocaloid 01 Miku Hatsune

V for Vocaloid and to begin, I got to start from 01 Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune.

I became a fan of Miku Hatsune the moment I started playing Project Diva on my PSP. From the game to her songs and from her songs, to the toys. I always wanted a decent Miku figure for display. I couldn't get a figma and some of the display figure are just way over my budget.

My prayers were answered when I heard about SEGA is having a Miku Hatsune figure for SEGA Prize machine. Without hesitation, I placed my order of it.

At the back of the box are instruction on how to assemble Miku Hatsune display figure from SEGA PRIZE.

Upon display, this Miku stand close to 12 inches!

What rocks are the details and I am going to show you. Firstly, the expression of Miku Hatsune was well capture as a 16 years old gal with a sweet and cheerful smile.

All Vocaloid comes with a headphone and for Miku, she has a tattoo on her left arm and not forgetting her digital hand warmer.

On the other side, she has her microphone.

Did you notice she has color painted nails? She has a name tag on her shirt too.

As for her shoes, surprisingly she was not on heels. Maybe because she still in her school uniform.

To support the weight of her hair or pony tails, the toy comes with a transparent stand to shoulder the weight.

Here's a comparison photo with a petite Miku Hatsune to show off the size of this Miku display. Isn't the toy tall?

Are you a Miku Hatsune fan as well?

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