Lion named Singa

L for Lion *ROAR!!

I grew up in Singapore and the name Singapura aka Singapore derive from a local Malay language as the Lion City. So it is understood that Singapore used the Lion as a representative of an icon of the city. When I was in primary education in the 1980s, a Lion was made into mascot for Singapore courtesy campaign. The lion named Singa was cute and the campaign was a big success.

Just over a year ago, Play Imaginative bring new life to Singa as various collectible toys in 34 different designs together with the world kindness day 2010 as Project Singa.

I am going to talk about the Classic Singa toy which is most Singaporean choice.

On the box, it display the tag line of Courtesy Campaign.

This toy is only made possible by Play Imaginative

Here's the classic Singa out of the box

I remember him wearing a smiley face on the red shirt.

There was a tagline at the back of the toy for gift dedication...

Singa had done a great job in cheering Singaporean to be more courteous for over 30 years. It's not something easy especially the action likely to meet up with pretty much resistance.

Will Singa continue to cheer Singaporean to be more courteous

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