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I is for Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones movie series is one of my favorite in the 1980s. Among the series, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" is a special one to me which I remember watching it with my late father. Ironically, the movie talk about Indy relationship with his father. Both my father and I enjoyed that movie. Sigh...Good times...

Anyway when I heard that Indy going to have the 4th movie when Harrison was in his 60s, I was quite apprehensive. It turned out that the killer of the movie is not Harrison but the story. Reason? The Crystal Skull is an Alien?!!

When the movie make way to produce the action figure, I was kinda grateful to be able to have a Indy toy. Among the whole series, I only pick up the aged Indiana Jones as it look the best in my opinion.

The movie further release the truth that Indy has a son that he knew nothing of...Why am I not surprised...

Anyway I pick up the toy as it has the accessories of basic Indy should have.

Accessories like his hat, whip and Gun.

For a 3.75", this is a well made figure.

The toy also comes with a mystery artifact... what could it be?

As I was saying, the likeness of Harrison ford as Indy was done quite well.

For hat on version...

The details are impressive as well. Look at the belt.

Is indy shooting skill as good as Han solo?

Here's a shot that remind me of 007...

The crystal skull is embedded on one of the hand of Indy.

THe skull look Alien like... wait! It is Alien in the movie...

As old as Harrison should be, I felt Lucas should just close the series and leave it that way. I mean do you see anyone in the future to fit the shoe of Indiana Jones? Well I don't but it is likely Hollywood will remake...

Here's something for fun.

Yes I don't really like Indy son and please don't let him take over Indiana Jones!!

Do you want to see a New Indiana Jones or you feel that they should just close the series?

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