Strider from Lord of the Rings

S for Strider.

The name Strider will ring a bell in the Lord of the Rings fans. It was a name that Aragorn had taken to hide his true identity. The identity of Strider is about being discreet. The details of this figure are amazing. It capture the likeness of the actor Viggo mortensen.

However no matter how Aragorn try to conceal, his true character of being honorable and great leadership stood up under the unkept outlook as a Ranger.

Before protecting Frodo, Strider was on a mission to hunt down Gollum. So he is always ready to travel at all times with his bow, arrows and backpack.

For short range, he is armed with his trusty long sword. As a Ranger, Strider is able to read tracks and knowledgeable to do some simple healing.

Aragorn is always vigilant ready to spring into action to protect his companions.

Here are some of them starting from the Ring of Barahir on Aragorn/Strider hand.

No matter how Strider trying to hide, he still wear signs of Gondor gears.

Not forgetting his close relation to the Elves with his gear.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to get this wonderful figure selling as loose figure some years back. This Aragorn with real clothing material was from a horse boxset. The downside of this figure is that the legs were made of rubber for it to be able to bend his legs normally while on mount.

All in all, Strider or Aragorn is one honorable man who will lay his life down for friends and his people. That to me is nobility. He certainly made a great King and he eventually would in the story.

Who do you like more? As Strider or King Aragorn?

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