Harry Potter

H is for Harry Potter

I started to read Harry Potter in the early 2000 after a friend of mine mention how great the book was. I finished the book way before the movie was released. I didn't think much of the story as it was to me pretty "Children" including the movie. I never knew the book will grow into thick volume of books and longest movie series (even longer that Starwars).

Harry Potter is a global phenomenal, it is not surprising to see the level of toys and games.

NECA produced couple of series of Harry Potter movie figures according to each movie. There are decent display toys but lack of play-ability.

The Toy line that I think capture most of Harry potter as a Toy would be LEGO.

Not only it produces the figure, they produce the sets of the movie such as Hogwarts

There are various Board game of Harry Potter too such as Cluedo, Scene it and even Lego board game!

Lego went a step further to include Lego game with Harry Potter theme.

Kubrick has it's own Harry Potter figure too.

On the 12 inches figure side, Medicom is rolling out their Harry Potter toy!

* Harry, you look so grown up!

To me, the Magic of Harry Potter is not the movie or the toys but how it make people to take a book out to read the old fashion way. The fever of waiting the books to be release was already like an event. J.K.Rowling had made people to start reading wizards and witches. Even if you watched the movie, reading the book give you more details of Harry Potter and the characters insights that the movie will never be able to show fully.

And now, everyone is waiting for the final installment.

Are you a Harry Potter fan too?

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