Queen Emeraldas

Q for Queen Emeraldas

Queen Emeraldas to be honest I didn't really catch the whole anime series when I was a kid. I got her along with most of gashapon aka capsule New Galaxy Express 999 HG Series Figures.

As much as I can recall, I do have an impression of the pirate logo and the pirate ship as the skull is very cool especially as her hair clip.

This capsule figure on the whole capture the original likeness of the character.

However some of the joints like her hair and cape do look out of place with the joint line...

Regardless, the details of the figure are cool. It provide the look on her sword...

and the gun she is always ready to draw and shoot.

Although this character design is pretty long while back, I still fancy the figure and the concept of female pirate queen.

Isn't she cool?

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