Playstation, I Like!

P for Playstation

In the year 1996, I own my Playstation one. It was my first console that run on CD. I had many hours of fun playing games like Final Fantasy VII, Street Fighter EX, King of Fighters and other great titles.

I follow up on a purchase of Playstation 2 years later in 2002. I got the original Fat version and sold it off after a year. Another year went pass and I got myself a slim PS2 in 2004 because of Grand Thief Auto San Andreas which is still with me today. Playstation 2 is the longest console I know of that it still have new title today.

I got hold of a Playstation Portable aka PSP from a friend of mine in 2005. It was a PSP 1006, a "fat" version. You will be surprise that after 6 years, my PSP is still working and I am still playing with it now and then when in my journey to work or back home.

It was not without problem as I replaced my own buttons after I played intensive hitting the buttons on Project Diva game.

I also replaced a couple of batteries as some of which look like original but don't even last as an original. I was lucky to finally pay a bit more to get a proper long lasting working one.

At this point, it is no surprise that you will be thinking what about PS3?

Well I do have plan to get hold of one but due to many finances commitment, I have been keep delaying the ownership. However I plan to do so by this year as I was hoping to have more good games that uses Playstation Move or others latest technology. If there is one thing I learn about getting a gaming console, waiting is a good way for the pricing to be economical and technology and game more stable.

Don't worry, when I get a PS3, I will surely make a post on it. :)

Are you a Playstation fan too?

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