Liang Court Capsule Game Carnival

I was at Liang Court Singapore to take a look at the Capsule Game Carnival and when I was there, I realized that the Capsule Game Carnival was a section of Loving Japan at Liang Court. It was an fund raising effort to help Japan for March 2011 Tsunami's victims.

As Liang court is one of the common places for Japanese to meet, it make sense to have such activities and boy do I enjoy the experiences of the Japanese activities there that day.

But before that, here's are some photos of the Gashapon or Capsule machines that I was looking out for.

I can see many going for various capsules. I hope they are lucky to get what they wanted.

As for me, this Pentax Camera Capsule toy caught my attention and I am not the only one as I see many people turning that machine. I will review this toy later.

Now back to the Japanese activities there. See how traditional it is? It is like I was in Japan!

There are shooting galleries...

Water game like fishing balls or hocking water filled balloons.

As for prizes, there are Original Japan Disney masks to be won or you can choose to buy them for less than SGD $10 each.

The quality of the Mask is superb. Import from Japan but only for children as there are children sizes.

If you are into Japanese culture and festival, this mini event will bring you that kind of experience. A certain percentage of the income of the activities will be contributing to charity for Japan Tsunami victims.


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