Kirk, Captain Kirk

K is for Kirk.

Kirk is a name of a character which I believe all Star Trek fan will be familiar with. He is best known and called Captain Kirk from the older generation of Star Trek.

Unlike Starwars, Star Trek toys are bigger in size and more life-like. Life-like as in wearing real clothing. Some call it action figure while others call it dolls. Whatever it is, they are call toys.

I received this Star Trek toy courtesy of STGCC 2010 organizers sponsored by Diamond Select Toys. If you must know, this is a re-release of the 1970s Star Trek figures and this version was release in 2007.

The series comes with many others like Dr. Mccoy, Spock, Andorian, Romulan and Klingon but only captain Kirk was given away.

A close up of Captain Kirk neat combed hair and smiley face.

The toys come with Tricorder for communication and a blaster for defense. Notice the gold lining sewed on the clothing? Three stripes representing Captain rank.

If you think being a Captain on the enterprise to explore no man has gone before is a easy job, maybe the following clip will allow you to see the challenges of the day to day life and the hard decision a Captain had to make.

If you must know, the above video is not the Real episode of Star Trek but a well edited spoof. Hope you had a good laugh.

Now you maybe wondering why I did not open the toy in this post for review. My answer will be once open the value of this toy will be close to zero and I can't sell it for money! I am giving this toy for FREE to someone I know who will appreciate more than me as he is a big fan of Star Trek.

Freely I have received, freely Give. That's what make the world goes round and round. :)

Well that's all folks for the letter K. Beam me up Scotty!

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