Final Fantasy VI Character Collections Cards

F for Final Fantasy. That's double F there. LOL

Final Fantasy had many series through out the decades from different console but it all began on Nintendo. Before moving to Sony Playstation, Final Fantasy VI was the last released on NES.

Allow me to clarify that Final Fantasy VI (ファイナルファンタジーVI) is Japanese release while the English is known as Final Fantasy III. I was a big fan of this game in the 1990s. So much so that I bought myself the Japanese booklet of Final Fantasy VI Character Collections.

This booklet comes with a paper box cover by Squaresoft

The cost of this collection card booklet had a lease price of 650 Yen.

I tried my best to keep this booklet as good condition as I can but the troll of time seems to have the better of it. After all, this had been around close to 20 years. Luckily the box cover did preserve the "dog ears" of the booklet but not the yellowing of the paper cards...

Inside this booklet was the characters from Final Fantasty VI artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Each character artwork comes with 2 cards, (a serious one like the above and another cute version) ready to peel (which I did not).

I have a love for these set of characters and their background stories. Because of the love I had for them, I bought this booklet. Here are the characters from Final Fantasy VI and I hope these will refresh some of your memories of the game as it did to me.

Please note that the following characters are the Japanese version of their name which maybe different with the English release.

Tina Branford
Tina is the daughter of an Esper father and human mother but was mentally-enslaved Imperial super-soldier gifted in the beginning of the game. Through the game, she discover about her past and who she was and stand up against the evil of the time.

Lock Cole
He is one of the member of the Returners against the Empire and he is skilled in the art of stealing. He is often seen mixing and working with the moogles. Lock is one of the character I love from the start.

Edgar Figaro
Edgar is a young king but have a nature of charming any ladies he sees. He had a thing for technology too.

Mash Figaro
Mash is a brother of Edgar but went off to learn martial art. In the game, his special move require you to do keypad control at a certain timing to get the special move. Mash is one cool character I often select in a team.

Setzer Gabbiani
He is a gambler who owned an airship. His weapon of choice will be his throwing cards. 

Celes Chere
Another sweet heart that many main characters in the game will fall for. She was initially a general of the Empire but actually work as a double agent. I often give her the life saber which the damage given to the enemies is equal to her total HP she has.

Cayenne Garamode
He is another character with a sad past but later find strength and bond with Gau.

Another character with a sad past who was abandon by his father to the wild to live among the animals. Nonetheless, that teaches him some skills which is useful in the game especially with Cayanne (aka Cyan).

Shadow is another cool character I love. Dressed in black, he is a deadly assassin. He is one conditional character in the game but a rare edition to have him as a team member.

Relm Arrowny
A 10 year old artist who attack has to do with drawing. If you must know, she was Shadow's daughter. 

Stragus Magus
A grandfather of Relm and an old magician.

Finally comes MOG a moogles who can speak human languages.

While there are two more optional playable characters in the game, Go-Go and Umaro was not in these booklet.

Finally this booklet was published in 1994 and the rest is history.

Final Fantasy VI has gave me hours of fun and remain one of my all time favorites in RGP games. If you must know, I even has the Original Soundtrack too.

I just love the Opera song

and the marching song in the Opening.

Sadly the game franchise although moved to online and better graphics, the games seems to lose much of stories and characters that failed to endure through times. I kinda lost final Fantasy during the XII but played a little of the final fantasy Dissidia on PSP but that's about all.

Are you still a Final Fantasy fan? What's your thought?

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