Yoda, my old Jedi Master

Y for Yoda

Yoda from the Empire Strike Back by Kenner is one of the remaining childhood toy that is still with me today. Yoda was one of mine favorite for being the most important old wise man who trained my heroes for any training needed during playtime. Sadly after years of playing and misplacement, this is what remain of him.

*Totally naked Yoda

Originally he came with a snake, cane, belt and a real life robe but this is what is left of him. I am ashamed of what had happened to him.

Due to old age of the toy, some of the paint are peeling off.

There are many versions of Yoda especially the new Episode 1 to 3 but I still have a deep love for the Muppet done by Jim Henson. He bring to life the old and wise Jedi Master who know what he was doing was one with the force.

* The best Yoda ever!

I just can't stand the newer Yoda especially Episode 1..

It was so bad that they decided to redo Yoda in episode 1 on Bluray...

Many of us make fun of Yoda by his voice and the way he speaks because of his sentence structures. The old Jedi master in Empire Strike back and even Return of the Jedi do not need to speak much but when he speak, you got to listen.

This Yoda of mine is close to 30 years old. Like what Yoda ending line in Return of the Jedi...

Yes there is another (actually more than 2) of Yoda in my collection but I dedicate this just for my old Jedi Master toy who survive over and above Luke Skywalker in my toy collection.

Do you have a Yoda too?

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