O for OTTi

I think it is appropriate to dedicate the letter O post to the my Open the Toy blog mascot, OTTi.

OTTi was first introduced as an first April fool joke on this blog. It was a concept of having my own toy. A round and bald headed green fella with always angry eyes.

As it is easy to see that OTTi is not a happy fella but he is not stupid as many would think he is. My relation with OTTi is not a easy nor delightful one and there were times I got to do extra work for the things he messed up. So the safest job I can get him to do is to carry the logo of this blog.

OTTi was lucky to be drawn by various artists.

One of the historical milestone was when I finally had a custom toys of OTTi himself.

I wouldn't consider OTTi as a full success but I am thankful for the beginning till now on the artists, friends and fans who supported OTTi and me.

If time allow, I will talk more about OTTi like his origin and is he a real toy.

Meanwhile you can ask OTTi himself some questions at FormSpring and hopefully if he feel like it, he will answer your question. (He is kinda moody you know but if your question is interesting, he will likely to answer). Meanwhile you can read what was being asked there too.

Do you like OTTi?

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