Delorean Black

D is for Delorean. Delorean is famous for being a Time machine.

For Time machine, let's get BLACK to the Future...okay that should be Back to the Future. Instead of silver or chrome, it is in black.

This is basically a repaint of hotwheel Delorean

This is a 2010 HW Premiere series. Maybe I was too used to seeing silver Delorean, somehow black Delorean look less Delorean to me.

This hotwheel edition back hood can be lifted. It's a neat feature but having the door opening feature is more cool for Delorean.

The interior of the car can be visible through the clear window screens.

Comparing the silver Delorean with the black, Silver still  look better. Maybe because the black was too glossy.

However at the back, the black hood goes well with the black Delorean.

Who do you prefer? The silver or the Black for hotwheels?

For Back to the Future fans, hotwheels  has release the Back to the Future 1 Delorean. It is certainly something to look out for.

Which do you prefer? Black or Silver?

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