BearGuy GPB-04B is a Fun Guy

B for Bear...

In this case, BearGuy GPB-04B from the anime, Gunpla Builders Beginning G.

No gunpla fan in their wildest imagination is able to predict that one day there will be a bear looking mecha as a form of Gundam model kit.

Seriously if you have shown this cover years ago, many will think this is a spoof and laugh over it. Worst case they may think this is a bootleg version outside Japan.

Even as a Custom for model kit challenge, it would be Sissy and an abomination to the Gunpla community. On the bright side, such design is on Zeon side. No reputation of Gundam was harm.

This model kit 75% made up of the HG Acguy parts. Major differences are the bear head, tail, weapons and backpack.

Talking about the backpack. It resemble a school bag but loaded with missiles and recorder which is a close range weapon. This bear is dangerous. In fact all bear are dangerous in general.

In my humble opinion, this Bearguy has open a door to wider audience. When news of it came out, it created a wave of excitement, freshness and sad to say on the other end of spectrum, debates. Personally I went for the idea since day one when I saw the prototype. Not only because of it's cuteness but it's different mark the first bold step taken by Bandai for making "non-serious" model kit design in the history of Gunpla in a Gundam series.

*BearGuy FTW!

I won't be surprise if I hear this is the best selling model kit in HG series for 2011.

Although the Gunpla Builders Beginning G anime has turn away some Gundam or Gunpla fans, I felt it was a good revolution so to speak for the life of Gunpla model kit. It shows the power of innovate and making itself relevant. But most of all, FUN!

Yes, model kit building should be fun. From the process to the completion and even to the extend to the enrolling in competition. In the process, you achieve skills from experiences and through that some level of achievements. But fun along the way should be the one that matter most.

For a lazy and non-professional model kit builder like me, it is putting together and posing it in different position that I enjoy the most. Activities like these renew my creativity and make me happy.

Do you build model kit for fun or achievement?

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