Monopoly Deal Card Game

M for Monopoly and Money!!!

Monopoly in my opinion is one of the biggest success in the history of board game. The game does not stop at board game itself but innovated to various media such as computer game to keep it relevancy. Not too long ago, Hasbro introduce Monopoly Deal, a card game that take the popular game to a new level of group fun.

The only rule to win the game is to be the first one to collect 3 FULL set of different color properties.

Properties are essential in the game as the first player who collected 3 FULL set of different color properties win the game. Each property had a money value and if you run out of money and force to pay rent to other players, you may have to use it as money.

The Property Wild Card is a GOLDEN properties card that may help you to win the game.

Money. This is only be useful in one thing, to help you to pay rent or the demands of the players. The more you have it in your personal bank, the better you can prevent other players to cushion the demand your properties as rent money.

Paying Rent is a scary thing and what make it scary is that the player who demand you for rent keep the change. Example if a player charges you 2M rent and you only have a 3M card in your bank, you don't get change back. That mean you can pay more and not less!

On the other hand if you do not have any money, property or action card even you are being demand to pay rent, you won't get bankrupt and nothing is going to happen to you. Down side is you are many steps to frm 3 FULL set of properties to win.

Deal Breaker is one turn of the tide card that "Rob" one player full set of properties of your choice with no question asked while Debt Collector demand rental from any player to pay 5M to you.

With "Just Say No" card on your hand, it is one counter card you can say NO to one action demand by any player at any one time.

In short this game can be pretty exciting depending how player use their cards. No one will know who is the winner until the end. Anything can happen.

This is one set of game card that is suitable for family above age 8 to enjoy hours of fun. But never take such game personally. Remember winning and losing have to depend lot of luck and experience.

For more of how to play Hasbro Monopoly deal, click here for a demo and here are the rules.

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