The Transformers

T for Transformers

I was talking to friend who is also a reader of this blog on what should I blog for the letter T. Without hesitation, he replied "Of course it's Transformers!". He was a big Transformers fan and had more Transformers toy and even the vintage ones.

Although I am certain that when the word Transformers come to mind especially when we talk about movie, this picture that come to mind which is none of the robots...

* See what Michael bay done to you Transformers fan?

Anyway I am going to share some of my thoughts and some snapshots of my Transformers collections for this post.

I started very late in collecting my Transformers as I only owned a handful of them in the 1980s. As I was growing up, I threw some away due to poor condition of the toys. I restarted my Transformers collection only in the early 2000.

As I looked into my toy collections, I realized that close to 40% of my toys are Transformers. Many of which are opened and displayed. I hardly share much toy collection photos on this blog as my collection storage are messy and I do not have enough proper display cabinets for them in my room.

* See how mixed up they are with movie and animated version?

Compare to some toy collectors or bloggers who have customized display shelving, mine in comparison are pale beside them as I only have one decent display shelving and some of my transformers toy are on open shelves. This is a great convenience for me whenever I feel like it, I can just reach out and play with it by transforming it back and forth.

* Even Sam is in the collection! Totally messed up.

If you are asking which Transformers line make up the majority in my collection, it would be the Transformers Animated series. Many Transformers fans do not like the Animated series as they find it cartoon-ish but I love it as the drawing style are more up to date for children and the story and the characters are quite good too.

One thing for certain, my Transformers toy collection will continue but not for the coming movie lines but more to the Transformers Prime series.

Lastly, you may notice most of my Transformers in the photo were display in disguise mode. That is because the design of the vehicle mode is one of my deciding factor to get the toy. I know many collectors prefer the Robot mode tho.

For the Transformers fan, there are either team Autobots or team Decepticon. So which team are you in?

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