Clock LEGO Starwars Stormtroopers

C is for Clock.

There are not much clock that interest Toy collectors I should say but things about to change.
Introducing Lego Starwars Alarm clock! This is the StormTroopers version.

Lego made a good move to maximize their Lego Starwars design. In that same series were Darth Vader and Yoda but I got myself a Stormtroopers as I find it cuter.

This Lego is integrated with a digital Alarm clock function running on 2 AAA batteries.

Here is the size comparison of how tall this Lego Alarm Clock Stormtroopers is with a minifigure Lego and 2 3.75" of Hasbro Starwars Stormtroopers action figurines.

Seems like the Stormtroopers had something to say...

So what if it is? Do you dare to object the Empire?

I guess not. Anyway beside a clock, it is still very much a Toy with both hands and legs articulation.

However the head cannot be turned as it is use for light up the digital display and snooze function. It give a Beep too!

The big head design was deliberate for the ease of hit the head easier when you want to snooze the alarm.

Here's a close up of the digital panel.

At the back of the trooper is the clock setting panel along with the battery compartment. I took out the battery cover to show the placement of the 2x AAA batteries. As for setting the clock is pretty dummy proof.

To read the time in a dark room, simply press the head of the trooper and the display panel will light up for a few seconds.

This Lego Stormtroopers clock is a great edition on my table. :D

However the other Stormtroopers may have other ideas.

If you must know, this was just the stickers of the time display panel on the Lego which I paste on the table top for fun. Look cool right? LOL

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