Guessing Toy is Fun?

G for Guessing.

When fun is concern, Guessing which give things to chances seems like a proven formula because it is addictive in the Toy industry.

The Guessing game had been around for ages and it has been put into practice for various toy industries and it's application are in blind boxes concept or Capsule from Capsule machine.

Blind chances has a lot to do with emotion and psychological.

The story from a person notice a series of trade box figures and one he had his eyes on. Normally the series comes with varieties of designs but there is only a handful hot figures. 

Naturally the player (customer) will take their chances and when he got what he wanted, it will instantly made his day as he felt special as luck is by his side.

But when he failed to get what he wanted, it is highly possible for him to have another go. Once he enter into that emotional cycle, it is hard to stop unless he run out of resources or he finally got what he wanted (and along with many what he do not want). If that happen, it's a path down to regrets.

When the game come to chances, it's never a Fair game
Here's a cold hard truth. the game or the toy series never made the hot figures to the meet the demand instead strategically made the hot figures to be rare. Just take a look at the following series for examples.

If it is a fair game, why isn't there equal among of figures in the lot? Why some are more and some less? Even if you buy the full box (carton) you can only form a few complete set leaving you with lots of extras. Because of the demand of the rare figure, the secondary market prospers as such demand make profits.

Thankfully there are some ways to even out the odds.

One of the ways are by experience to feel and learn if there are any tips to cheat the system.

However this may not be always be applicable...

Another way is made possible by the reseller who often open these toys to make it easier for their customer to buy what they wanted by marking up the prices. In most of such cases, the rare ones often sold at a certain pricing that cover a big percentage of the goods in a box itself. Some buyer hated such move as it's no longer fun. While there are others who thank the resellers who save their time and money to get what they wanted. There are the dishonest reseller who open the toys and later sell them as MISB deceiving their customer who thought they had a fair chance.

As fun as the guessing games is, it is something that the supply is controlling the demand.

What about you? Do you find it fun? Do you feel it's fair? Do you play fairly?

Disclaimer: I am not discouraging such practices but I do hope that the collectors can exercise more wisdom in these awareness that such pleasure of fun in collecting should never turn into an obsession.

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