W for Worrible

This Worrible was designed by Artist Andrew Bell with Squishable, Inc will bring you the perfect plush prescription for all your troubles!

The Worrible is super soft by Fabric and Poly Fill and the squishy Worrible is genetically engineered to be in tune with human anxiety. It is approximately 16" just good for a adult to squeeze it.

Prescription as follows:
Grab a Worrible, give it a squeeze (5 seconds or more) and your problems will be absorbed into to the Worrible's own body and subsequently converted into a calming excretion. Repeat whenever overwhelmed.

The plush is listed at USD$48.

Available wholesale via DKE Toys, and soonish direct from the Dead Zebra online shop or via Squisable.com

Do you need a Worrible?

Buy Worrible GIANT Plush Figure

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