Air Gear Simca

A is for Air Gear!
What a way to start my A-Z blogging Challenge with this sexy toy for first day of April.

Before you read further allow me to warning you that some of links on this post may not be suitable for any reader below 18 of age. So if you are below 18, please do not click on any link that has a label NSFW (aka Not Safe For Work) as some of the content of these link is for Adults.

Air Gear is a name of a Anime and Manga which revolve on characters on roller blade and gangs.

In the anime, one of the icon character is Simca and when she is on her roller blade, she speed like a long tail sparrow weightless in the air.

With a sweet face, sexy figure, long pinkish hair and sexy sailor school Uniform. It is a proved Anime success formula. If you doubt what I said, just watch this NSFW introduction of Simca in the Air Gear Anime and tell me if you have not fallen for her.

For this toy, a metal chain was attached from her ankle to her thigh which adore with street tattoo designs.

You maybe surprise to know that is 3" capsule toy.

I know some of you guys may want to see this toy figure in another angle. So here it is.

There was rare variant version of Removed Panties version. Due to the nature of this blog, it cannot be display publicly but you can see it at this external NSFW link. ;)

So is she Cool or is she Hot? LOL

PS: If you want to know more about her, you read more of the Simca here.


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