31 January 2010

Propeller Top

Does these look familiar to you?

This is Propeller Top. I am more familiar with it Chinese name 竹青挺 for this toy as it used to be made of wood or bambo as plastic was not invented those time I think.

This is another toy that I used to play with. As I read many Doraemon comic, I used to place this on my head with my hands and pretend to be Doraemon in hope to fly in the air.

To play with this toy, all you need to do is to place the propeller top in between both of your palms and give a rubbing motion while you release it.

The momentum will set the blade to rotate and we have a lift off! It would lift off straight with a velocity proportional to the amount of speed and force you applied with the rubbing of hands. If you like it to fly forward, simply tint the propeller top slanted to the front and rub your hands. It should fly front while going up.

This toy I got had a printed "Prop-top" label on it.

My late dog Boy was always interested and curious about this flying thingy and when he saw this toy flew up in the air, he tired to catch it in his mouth. This toys review was taken only a few weeks before he got sick. I am pretty sure he is in heaven playing all kinds of Toys now.

Anyone play this toy before in their growing up days? Or am I the only one?

30 January 2010

Saying Goodbye to a good friend of mine

For the past few weeks, my dog, Boy felt sick. He was 12 years old dog and in human years, he would be 84 of age. A Sturdy fella who have spent his 10 over years as a guard dog at my in-law shop. Due to the relocation of the shop, Boy came to my home for retirement.

As he was a guard dog, he was raise to be aggressive in nature and have bitten some thieves off before. We managed to retrain him and earned his trust. There was a special bond between Boy and me. He would follow only me whenever I went in my home. He would stay guard at the doorway in whatever room I was in. Every morning when I wake up, Boy would be there waiting for me. When I came home, he will stand up and welcome me.

His name is just Boy.

Boy's suffered many old wounds from old fights and we have spent the last 1 and a half years solving his ears infection. Beside that problem, he still a Happy and active dog.

Things started to change in the early of January 2010. He started to loose appetites and ate lesser and lesser. We soon discovered there was swelling of the mouth and neck. We rushed him to the vet and it get better. However two days later, the situation turned for the worst. He can no longer chew his food nor swallow. He could not even drink water. My wife and I knew his time was getting short and he was silently suffering in pain. To see him not able to eat nor drink water for 2 days was heart breaking to us.

Boy was a quiet companion, easy going and patient.

We brought him to the vet one last time today with my Father-in-laws (owner of Boy for 10 years). The doctor explained the situation to us that if we jab him one more time, the situation only gets to delay a day or two. The last thing we want is to see him staved and suffer to death. We do not want him to go alone without anyone being there. Looking at his swelling face, we knew that was the last thing we can do for him... As we gather around him and said our last goodbye, we started to cry.

I couldn't bring myself to mouth the words goodbye to him. It took me sometime to say "Boy, thank you for coming to our life and blessed us with your faithful presence to make us especially me feel so special." As we stepped out of the vet clinic, Boy's suffering may have ended but our heart was totally broken...

Boy last Christmas with us before he started to get sick

As we stepped into our home, the reality of him not being there ran me over. No more welcome stand from him, no more late night snatching sound from him, no more daily night walk with him. No more Boy... T_T

To some I may lost a Pet but to me I have lost a good and faithful friend. I know all dogs goes to heaven and for a faithful, long-suffering friend like Boy, I know God will receive him with open arms. I know Boy is at a better place now without suffering and is free to do whatever he want. I thank you boy for giving your trust and respect to me as a owner. You have made me feel so special as a owner. It is always an honor having you walking beside me every single day. Everyone in the family will remember you and I will always missed you as a good friend to me Boy.

The birthday we have together sharing the same cake.

I love you buddy. Stay happy okay?

Medicom VCD Cool Doraemon, A Grown Up verison

Have you ever wonder how Doraemon look if he ever have a chance to grow up? Although we know being a robot you will never grow up. But does that interest you to know what if he can?

Will he be as fat or chubby or short like he used to be? So maybe he grow to be a fine young man, smart and handsome looking.  Wonder no more, here is a version of Doraemon if he actually grow up.
Medicom VCD Cool Doraemon Wonder Festival Winter 2010 Event Limited Edition

How's that? I think it's pretty new and unique to me.

VCD Cool Doraemon with the height of 17.5cm is a limited Edition (800 pieces only) under the series Vinyl Collectibles Dolls from Medicom for Wonder Festival Winter 2010 event.

If you are interested in getting this limited item, you can head over to Tokyo Hunter but hurry as he can only get it before 5th February 2010.

Maybe this version could inspire cosplayer to cosplay this version of Doraemon, No?

29 January 2010

Interview with the Stormtroopers

Remember the two Stormtroopers you seen weeks before? Well they are from the Joker Squad and I got them loose as I needed some Stormtroopers. I have a number of Clone troopers though.

Here's a short interview with Hondo Karr and Vax Potorr to find out more about themselves.

Joker somehow volunteer himself since he heard his name being mention in this interview.(Joker squad)...

Anyway don't worry about Hondo and Vax, they do that all the time... really a bunch of Jokers. Expect to see more them around.

28 January 2010

China Mcdonalds have Valentine Popobe Bears instead!

While Singapore and Hongkong mcdonald having Doraemon Zodiac Lucky Charm, China mcdonald is having Popobe bear instead.
China mcdonalds 2010 Valentine Popobe bear
* Photo credits to mcdonalds china

Popobe bear is created and patented brand from china as a customizable designer soft Vinyl. They are exposure are well in America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

China decided to market valentine theme. For toys they offer 3 set of design as a couple bear.

* Photo credits to mcdonalds china

I am impressed with the stylish design but I am all the more impressed how China mcdonalds did their marketing on their website with offers of 12 zodiac animation of the Popobe Bears.

It seems like China mcdonalds are more youthful and vibrant for the Chinese New year. Which you prefer? Doreamon or Popobe Bear?

Updated: Here is a review one of this toy.

27 January 2010

February 2010 Calendar Download

Coming to the end of the month. It's time for February Calendar to be out.

For February we have Len Kagamine 鏡音レン toy figure from the owner Fuzzy. This was taken on an last Christmas Outing. I salute him for bringing such big but good looking figure outdoor. Somehow I felt more connected to Rin and Len as Vocaloid that day ever since. :)

Two popular screen resolutions in 1024x768 and 1280x800. If you want other resolution, please feedback by comments or via email and I try to find time to do so.

If you like my wallpaper, here are a couple of ways to ease you waiting for the next month calendar:
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You are welcome to feedback and rate this calendar. Hope you guys like it. :)

26 January 2010

Final Set of Mcdonald Doraemon Lucky Charm, Rat, OX and Valentine?

Finally we are at the last set of Mcdonald Doraemon Lucky Charm. Actually I can't say it is the final as the Zodiac Pig is coming on April after much demand and feedback. So this week, here is the Rat, OX and the Valentine.

First of we have the Rat. Doraemon always have a phomia of Rat or mice which he claimed that his ears were bitten off by mouse. So naturally when you want to dress Doraemon to the Rat costume, this is what he will give you.

The Rat to me look cute especially from the back view. See the cute looking pinky tail?

Cow is a noble animal and known for his hardworking attribute. Doraemon is hardworking too.

I am glad that they use this black and white marking for the OX... wait, a OX do not have such patches, only Cow has it... The patches reminded me more of a Dalmatian that is if you remove the horns and the ears.

Finally we are down to the replacement of the Zodiac Pig comes Valentine Doraemon. With no link of Chinese Zodiac animals and no cosplay, this Doraemon just doesn't fit in well. However a lot of young people wanted this most to give to their Sweetheart in Valentine.

The only flaw is Doreamon's tail. It suppose to be round and small.

Finally a group photo of this week set. Valentine being the hottest toy of the this set.

Here's my "almost" complete set of Doreamon lucky charm and you may know that One of these thing does not belongs together. :)

Will wait for the Zodiac Pig to complete the set. Meanwhile will use these to decorate my baby's bed.

25 January 2010

Photohunt #23: Banana in Pajamas

Banana in Pajamas are here this week for you to spot all 5 differences!

Click on the photo below for a bigger picture.

If you still can't 5 differences after sometime, click here for the answer. Remember to rate the stars according to the numbers of differences you spotted.

So that is B1 and B2 for you. I still remember the catchy song of this kid TV show in the early 90s. :)

Photohunt will be taking a break for the month of February. If you want to contribute photos (portraits) for Photohunt, please feel free to contact me. :)

24 January 2010

Paper Ball

Childhood toys are always cheap...at least at my era. A simple paper ball can give me so much fun and I managed to get my hand on one of this recently. The paper ball was made by thin layers of colorful paper carefully sticking to each other. Normally come in a neat fold pack waiting to be inflated.

It has a hole for you to blow the air in. The more you blow the air in, the more it will expand and take the shape of the ball.

Once it is fully expand, it is time for you to have some fun with your friends. Unlike rubber ball, paper ball needed to be handle with care even in playing. As the paper is light, it will give a gracefully floating effect whenever you play with it. If there are any wind, that will affect where the paper ball will land too.

This dog of mine just love ball in general and when I was doing this paper ball review, he gave me this kind of look.

* Is that a ball? I love ball! Give it to me!

Before the ball hit the ground, he dashed to the paper ball and bite it. You can imagine what will be the fate of the paper ball...totally crashed.

That not all, when he realized that the ball did not squeak or bounces like his play ball, he proceed to tear the paper ball apart... I was too late to do anything. I only managed to rebuke him and stop him from swallowing  the paper.

Well so that's all this week yester year toys from me. I am pretty sure some of you from Asia may have play with paper ball before. If you like this article, forward or spread this to your friends and share the memories. We shall continue the next yester year toys next Sunday!

23 January 2010

Prototype BB364 胡軫(KOSHIN) GYAN in SD Gundam Sangokuden Movie on 27th February 2010

If you are a fan of SD Gundam Sangokuden, a animation movie will be releasing on 27th of February 2010 in Japan.

The story revolve Liu Bei (Ryū Bi), Guan Yu (Kan U), and Zhang Fei (Chō Hi) Gundam to protect the legendary continent Mirisha from General Dong Zhuo (Tō Taku) Zaku, the assassin Hu Zhen (Ko Shin) Gyan, and other enemies.You may read more about it here.

Anyway for those who have not never watched the anime before, there's the opening of the anime which I happen to find on youtube. Note the opening below is not the movie but the anime.

Here's an exclusive BB364 胡軫(KOSHIN) GYAN from Sangokuden prototype of the actual figure from Openthetoy.

Please note this is a Prototype and the actual toy may vary.

Here's the Front view of this villain in the coming movie

The back view

A close up for the head of Gyan.

This look like an ordinary Shield?

Do not be deceived. It has transformable blades!

His Spear and ripper like skeptical weapons. Very cruel indeed.

Both weapon and Shield can combine together to be give maximum damage in battle!

Gyan is all set for battle and the actual model kit will be releasing in February 2010 world wide.

More of the movie and actual toy later. :)

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