When I was getting Meiko Nendoroid petit, I tired my luck for a Deathnote Nendoroid Petit.

It rather hard to get shops that sell individual blind boxes. Originally intend for customer to try their luck, most local toy shops only sell blind box opened so they can sell the rare one for a higher price by some customer request.

I am alright with that if they do that correctly by indicating the figure to the open blind box and not to resealed it back carefully and sell it as unopened toy. This is exactly what I encountered that day.

I was unsure before paying for this boxes and I asked  the staff are these unopened blind box. His answer without looking at me saying it was a blind box and he have no idea what's in it. With that assurance I went ahead with the purchase. I realized that they are traces of opening mark as I started to open the boxes. By then I was already on my way home. I was cheated and it was an unfair deal! Time for me to add that shop in AMK hub to my blacklist.

I got REM a Shinigami (死神, Death god) from the Deathnote.

Maybe REM can get revenge for me?

This REM figure isn't that bad. Some of you may not know that REM is a female although her feature look very much like a man. This figure look cute with the big cat eye.

REM's hairstyle remind me of the popular in the late 1980s to early 1990s much like Aaron Kok's hairstyle.

The pair of tiny wings are so adorable. However they drop out easily. I don't want to lose these small parts.

REM comes with movable arms. Want a Hug from a Shinigami?

REM was a "compassionate" Shinigami who gave up her life for Misa.

What will happen if Meiko meet REM?


Better keep them apart. :P


Anonymous said…
I have some problem with you leon most store I saw put a mark at the boxes so can sell them more expensive(I have no problem )-_-but ifthe box marked If not that store really evil
I don't know you can find something like this at SG I am gachapon and trading figures collector too
JiasenL said…
how much are they selling for normal and rare?
LEon said…
Apparently they didn't make any marking on the box and so I thought it random and later when I open it I realize it was already open! My guess is that the rare one already sold some place or they kept some place.

All the box they sell at SGD $10. I don't know if they are any rare ones. They open and seal back without indicating what is inside. It's just not fair. :(
Anonymous said…
oh my evil shop the rare one is angel L -_-
I like try my luck too buying blind box
all hobby store I came they open and give mark or unopened at all
That's the problem with blind box, you can never know what you get. Sometime, I just have a pay more to buy only the character I like best.

Anyway this one with testicles hair, cat eye and tiny wings is cute. Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
Angel L is a very rare one. I like to try blind box too but I must be given a fair chances not they open and took the rare and seal it back deceiving customers thinking they have a fair chance to get the rare...That is WICKEDNESS!

Ya I kinda REM too. REM somehow grow on me as days goes by. :)
chrismandesign said…
man... i dun like death note figures (wad??? r u kidding???) no i’m not kidding -that was one of my personalities surfacing... ups !- i’m watching the complete series (by parts, due to my occupations...) the chapters i watched left me a ltl puzzled but i haven’t seen a collection figure of this series that rocks me... HOWEVER this REM is really, really cute (in spite of her monstruosity...) and the base with its clear stem works very good in its exhibition... i guess u r happy to own her =) (uhmmm i would be dissapointed too, if someone in a toy store offers me a not-so-blind box as a true blind box... some sellers thinks that a collector fan is some kind of stupid...)

@ Dennis

the honour is all mine colleague... =D
Anonymous said…
better put on blacklist store
kluxorious said…
how much did you pay for REM?
LEon said…
Im glad you like it.

I did!

SGD $10...
desmond said…
Are you getting entire set of Death Note Characters?? I guess it looks nice when we put all of them together.
I hate this ugly guy REM... he is scary... no wonder I never watched the movies till now (scared that he will appear in my nightmare).... another character I scared is that ugly Chucky... that doll know how to have sex... better watch out...

Aaron Kwok's hairstyle... that was popular back then... but no chance to have it while you were still a school student hahahahaha
LEon said…
I wish to but I have a budget and to get the whole set is quite pricey for me...

@David John
I think chucky is still more horrible than REM. Plus REM has a heart of compassion. She do not kill anyone on purpose. She actually sacrifice her life for Misa.

I wanted to keep Aaron Kwok hairstyle but my hair texture can never do that. LOL
chubbybots said…
Lol I had a good crack at the Aaron Kwok hairstyle haha!!

Didn't know REM was a she actually, even in the movie she sounded like a he....

Ah one more death puchi...
Anonymous said…
I didn't know that nendo puchi's are blind box...I thought it was sold in one set.

That kind of store really gets on my nerve. I have the same experience, but it's involving a re-sealed BluRay disc T.T. Kinda smooth on the outside, but scratched in the inside..then I know that I've been tricked
LEon said…
I also didn't know when I first watched the anime but later I found out. :)

Originally all nendo puchi are blind box but collector and toy seller buy in set and form set and then sell some extra away. The store already in my blacklist now.
ninjovee said…
Oh! It's Rem!
I've wanted those DN puchis, but I don't have funds to buy a set. ><; So I'm determined to get my hands on a set of Fate/Stay Night puchis though

As for the opened blind boxes, it's really unfair. It would have been more fair if they opened a few and didn't put them back and sell them as blind box items. They'll be sure to encounter people who are wanting to buy the whole set. Oh well.
LEon said…
I am considering to get the fate stay night puchis too but not the whole set. If they have loose, I don't mind to get one or two.

They open the blind box to sell the rare and those common they seal it back and sell as random box. Really non-ethical.
janus lu said…
The last pict is too ......XD what a Misa hardcore fan. XD
LEon said…
@Janus Lu
You can't blame REM, I guess many also go for Misa except Light...

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