P is for Predator

I know it's my bad to skip from A directly to P but if you have an Alien, you got to have a Predator. That's how it should be right? Or so that what the Pop Culture had created. So I got a Predator for my Alien.

I got my Predator from One Coin Kotobukiya to match the Konami Alien in my collection for scale. There are various Predator in this series and I get to choose what I wanted as the blind box was opened by the seller. In the same series, there were transparent version for predator as stealth version.

The Predator I got was a mask off version. Very good expression capture by the artist.

The shoulder torrent was one of Predator's long range weapon. Normally work with his mask or helmet for aiming. To be honest, I have never fancy the mouth of the predator but I love the way they beads their hair. For sure they spent much time on grooming their hair. Do they have hair stylist?

For close range, Predator will use knives and claws for some raw action. I often wonder how and what they feed on. Human? Alien? Or do they hunt for fun and not for food?

One thing for sure, Predators race are more civilized and advance than the Alien. They wear clothes and they have their choice of fashion.

As good looking as this figure should be, it is more like a display figure with no movable joints for a toy. Thankfully so was my Alien figure. So I guess it is fair.  My Alien Vs Predator. Who will win?

Who ever Win, We lose... True? You tell me. :)


I think you got one of the nicest figure from the series. Now you got alien vs predator liao! The first movie on predator by Arnold, to me is the best among other predator movies.
LEon said…
Yeap I think so too. For Predator is Human Vs Predator. LOL
desmond said…
I agree with Dennis. Predator is the best movie so far. That's why I bought Arnold and Predator for my 1/6 scale collection. FYI, there will be a third instalment of Predator series to be released in the cinema this year. The movie name is "Predators" around Jul 2010. Look forwards to this sequel :)
Anonymous said…
is that another blind box ?
looks so awesome
LEon said…
I sure hope it will be good too. Hope it is Human vs Predator again.

It was suppose to be a blind box but they open up and sell it. Of course the price was more ex but I need a Predator to fight my Alien. LOL
chrismandesign said…
P is for "póngale cuidado a está super figurita..." LOL translation: "pay attention to this super figurine..." pretty figure pal... i knew kotobukiya’s "gashapons" by means of a Batman’s set that looks great... & this one goes in the same way... i’m in agreement with Dennis & Desmond 1987’s Predator is the best movie of all the saga by far... i think that the best human weapon in this movie was that "painless" vulcan machine gun used by Blane... uhmmm my strike with the visitors of my blog will end soon, one more fan is on the way... LOL kjakjakjakjkajkaja
Anonymous said…
the details are awesome!
I always like predator more than aliens. And it's all because of their fashion :D Predator's hair is so cool even if it's kinda weird for a monster LOL
Ant Sized Man said…
Cool looking Predator, nice paint app on the little guy.

As more of a Alien fan, im putting my bets on him to win.
Anonymous said…
i am rooting for predator to win :D

Hopefully the third installment for predator won't end up like the crap AVP2....that was disappointing. (But the sewer scene was awesome :D)
LEon said…
Happy for you buddy. Hope for you to success.

That make 2 of us. LOL

@Ant Sized Man
You are the first Alien fan I heard here. Quite rare but I am sure you are a fan of the Queen Alien too. :)

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