The Monkey, Rooster & a Dog Doreamon Lucky Charm

It's another new week and it's time for me to head down to Mcdonald to continue collect Doreamon Lucky Charm.

First off to review is the Monkey! I like the cheeky expression of the Monkey Doraemon and Oh...what big ears you have. Look like Doraemon is scratching his ears like a Monkey.

The minus side of this lucky charm is the monkey's tail. They would have done a better job and not offering square tail.

Meet the Yellow Rooster Doraemon. From the look on Doreamon's face, he seems happy cosplaying the Rooster. I thought he was cosplaying as a chick since he was in yellow costume. Only when I read the package I realized it a Rooster.

A closer look, you will notice not only there's a Comb/Crown of the Rooster but a orange beak as well. Is the beak suppose to be there on top of his head?

From the back of the Rooster, it remind me very much of Doraemon's sister Dorami.

Finally we come to the Dog. I cannot tell the expression of Doreamon if he is Happy or crazy. I would expect a better expression from him. Okay maybe because I love dog in particular. Great feature is you can really play around with the dog's ears.

The back view was quite alright. See the short little tail?

Repeating the consistency or the non-consistency continue, the nose of the dog on top of the head again... That left me puzzle are they starting to do that? With the nose or the beak will make the costume more recognizable?

Here's a group shot of this week series. My favorite this week is the Monkey. What's yours?

Tune in for next Saturday to meet the legendary Cupid that causes the wave of debate in Singapore. Meanwhile you can read the review of the previous set.


Tom Freak said…
That dog looks more drunk than happy or crazy. I liked the drunken dog best!
LEon said…
@Freak Studio
Ah! that's a point I never thought of. LOL Interesting.
rockleelotus said…
how long will they continue this campaign? im still considering your offer to work something out so i can get my hands on these but i realized the main one i wanted, is the one that got replaced T_T that makes me sad because these guys are so cute.
LEon said…
I understand. I hope they will do the last zodiac but don't think they will bend to that.

Still got one more week to go and sad news is the current series most outlet I been to are sold out already.
chrismandesign said…
THE ONLY ZODIAC CHARACTERS I WANT ARE THE KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC =P kjakajkjakjakajkajkajkajkajkaja... i sounded serious & loudy LOL... just kidding !... these figures are fantastic, fancy & cute... what a pity that plushes get dirty easily =( that’s the reason i don’t collect that kind of figures... but i’m glad that other collectors do...
LEon said…
These plushes were never built to last anyway so I guess it's okay. :)
Anonymous said…
awesome will complete the set
doraemons so cute ^0^
LEon said…
You are collecting this as well? :D
Juliana said…
The monkey Doraemon is the cutest in this trio! :D
LEon said…
Good choice! LOL Too bad most outlet all sold out.
celest said…
thanks for sharing the reviews and pictures :) one silly question: when does McDonald's switch to the new set every week? Thursday or Saturday?
LEon said…
You are most welcome and thanks for visiting my toy blog. The answer to your question is Thursday. :) I will be doing the last review this Saturday to wrap up the series. :)
The funny thing about Doraemon anime in Malaysian TV those days is that they translate it into Malay language... and even worse... it's the same voice they use for Dragon Balls and Shin Chan (also translated to Malay language).... hahahahaha.... as for the viewers, some of them don't have Astro those days so they end up just watch and follow the series as it is...hahahahaha
LEon said…
@David John
Yes I watched those Doraemon that time at RTM or TV3 channel. Even I don't really understand bahasa Malayu, I still watch it from time to time because Singapore Channel do not have such program. I also watch Mask rider black and Ultraman in Malayu too at TV3. LOL

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