MG figurerise 1/8 Super Saiyan Son Goku model kit

Following MG Figurerise 1/8 Son Goku model kit, a Super Saiyan Son Goku will be coming out in March this year.

This is kind of expected since the Normal Goku was first to release. So what will be the next to be release? Here's my guess

- Piccolo (I hope they make him taller in 1/8 scale as he is taller among all the rest of the Z warrior).

- Vegeta (this they should make him shorter. Maybe he will have two armor suit with a scouter!)

- Trunks(This one may be with the original dressing with the capsule jacket and a sword. Perhaps they can give two version of normal and Saiyan since they just need to change his hair).

- Son Gohan (Naturally he should be following his father released but just which version of Gohan? His time fighting Frieza or with Cell or his adult version which may not be that popular).

What your guess?


Anonymous said…
OMG it haven't 2 months the figures released and they planning released the variant @_@ why not make gohan or piccolo first before make another variant @_@
this what I called M@#$%^&
LEon said…
Because Gokun is more popular I guess.
Anonymous said…
My pick will be picolo :D But Leon I guess you will go for vegeta if he comes with the scouter/scanner equipment ^^

I am looking forward to freiza ^^ (3 forms lol!!) or majinbu!! haha
LEon said…
You know me as a sucker for scouter. LOL Piccolo is a good pick. I just may got for Piccolo for this scale.

You forgotten about Cell too? Or you are not into him so much?
Anonymous said…
more popular more variant he will have
but not bang after released the variant released well at least after 3-4 character the variant will appear like what bandai usually did ?
LEon said…
I think the direction of Dragonball toy maybe different than Gundam. For one Dragonball characters are rather limited compare to Gundam universes.
desmond said…
Vegeta and Songoku are my favourite but not collecting these figures :)
LEon said…
you sure? If 12 inch figure will you get them?
Just like you said before, there is sure a Super Saiyan version of Goku! Considering buying now?
LEon said…
I have another Super Saiyan Goku coming my way so maybe not this one. Plus it quite big for my collection.
desmond said…
Yes Leon, I want to get the Medicom Super Saiyan Songoku. But the price is ridiculous high. If Medicom produces Vegeta, I will buy it..

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