Transformers Animated arrived at Singapore Mcdonald

After months of waiting (more like years), finally Transformers Animated Happy Meal toys had reached Singapore. What took them so long?

They are not alone, with them are four Little PetShop cuties given both genders choices.Each week the kids can choose one of Transformer or Little PetShop figure with any Happy Meal purchase.

The four Transformers Animated Happy Meal figures are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet and Megatron. All four are transformable to vehicles and Robot mode. You maybe interested to know that there were supposed to be 6 figures instead of 4. In other region, Mcdonalds had offer 6 figures including Starscream and Lugnut.

It should make sense that they should be a fair fight between the Autobots and Decepticon. Taken into consideration of the female demand, they included 4 Little PetShop toys (Swan, Chimpanzee, Persian Kitty and French Bulldog) and thus they have to choose 4 Transformers from the original 6. So lucky Autobots were chosen full force as they are more popular among kids.

If I have to choose only 4, I would choose 2 Autobots and 2 Decepticons which give 2 Cars 2 Plane. Prefect match. Matching Optimus Prime to Megatron, Bumblebee to Starscream. Although a more fairer choice would be Bulkhead to Lugnut for size but since Bulkhead was never created so I would go for Bumblebee... Don't tell me you prefer Ratchet more than Bumblebee?

The promotion had just started this week and will end in four week time. Will you be getting it? I may if I could.. you just never know. Find out more later.


Anonymous said…
wow neat find :D So this promotion is starting when? I thought currently madonalds have that doraemon feature at the moment.

Lol...actually I am kinda want the littlest pet shop figurines nendo need some pet ^^
The TF animated toy interested me. Huh!
LEon said…
The Doraemon lucky Charm is still on but they are not Happy Meal Toy. These Transformers Animated and Little PetShop are the toys for Happy Meal. I also thinking should I get the Little PetShop toys for my figure too. LOL

Go for it!
Anonymous said…
I have the KFC ver of transformers get it when revenge of the fallen playing @_@ looks weird but this MCD animation ver looks so much better even thought the are smaller
Anonymous said…
have you got one ??
chrismandesign said…
these minitoys remind me the micro-master of Takara Tomy... do u know them ??? how are these MCDs happy meal’s gifts compared with micro-masters ???
LEon said…
I remember the KFC ROTF chicky meal toy. It didn't appeal to me. For this Transformers Animated one, overall look closer to the animation. I will collect some of it only and not all. :) Will get it soon (hopefully tonight)

I have a Micro-master Optimus prime (which you can see a grim of it here) and megatron but this is bigger than then takara Tomy. These are "Free" if you buy a happy meal.
desmond said…
It is a "no" for me :)
Juliana said…
Oh the TFA toys look very cute! I can't to see them in person, and to see your toy review on them :D
LEon said…
You not going to collect this? I am only get 1 or 2 only. Not all. :)
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

I'm gonna skip this set. My new year resolution is to swear off fast food toys, even if someone gives them to me.

My "Twilight Alice Cullen" future vision tells me that if I get these toys, they will end up in my toy lockers for sale a few months later, when I don't wish to keep them anymore... :P
LEon said…
I understand. For me I have plan to put these on my working table. Will review those I get later. :)

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