Interview with the Stormtroopers

Remember the two Stormtroopers you seen weeks before? Well they are from the Joker Squad and I got them loose as I needed some Stormtroopers. I have a number of Clone troopers though.

Here's a short interview with Hondo Karr and Vax Potorr to find out more about themselves.

Joker somehow volunteer himself since he heard his name being mention in this interview.(Joker squad)...

Anyway don't worry about Hondo and Vax, they do that all the time... really a bunch of Jokers. Expect to see more them around.


kluxorious said…
*giggles* this is awesome
moemoekyun said…
hahhaha I didn't know stroomtrooper helmet cast off too I tho only clone trooper(clone wars ver)
desmond said…
A lot of hardwork you put in these..
rockleelotus said…
lol that was very entertaining XD make sure you have back up clones for those clones who are about to end each other :P
LEon said…
Thank you. Glad you like it.:)

Only some Stormtroopers (new ones) can do that.

Alright but I enjoyed it. :)

Not to worry. Those real clones hardly jealous about each other. I will do series of those guys later. :)
Anonymous said…
hahaha, very funny :D
but that Hondo dude is just too mean..
chrismandesign said…
ladies & gentlemen: LEon the entertainer !!! clap, clap, clap, clap... LOL... in my country we would say: "that guy has a lot of free time..." or "each crazy dude with his/her own subject..." definitely u r nuts =P
Cool comic-script on mocking of the stormtroopers. Next time do it on clonetroopers as well. Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
That's how he is. :)

I wish I really have more time to do more of these stuff.

Yes I plan to do the clone troopers soon. :)

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