What is the meaning of this Mcdonald Singapore?!

I just found out that the Hongkong mcdonald is having Zodiac Pig in the same series that is offering in Singapore. Note that they are using Chinese Zodiac Doraemon lucky charm as title. Now I really feel we in Singapore are short changed!

*Photo Credit to mcdonald HongKong.

If that was not enough, HongKong mcdonalds offer a Collector kit package that by paying a certain sum, collectors can get the whole set with lot of freebies including Angbao(Chinese Red Packets), Doreamon trading cards and Cupid Doraemon as a bonus. Click for bigger picture below.

*Photo Credit to mcdonald HongKong.

Now I question why Singapore Mcdonald did not do this? Isn't that better? One thing for sure, many including me are not happy with the services and decision of what Singapore mcdonald did by removing the Zodiac Pig!

How would you feel when you learned about this double standards?

Updated: Alas Singapore mcdonald did the right thing to put the Zodiac Pig but it will be coming in April...By then Chinese New Year is over...Nevertheless I hope mcdonald will not do such thing again by assuming some sensitive situation. End of the day, what they did only make some unfair reaction on some parties.


Shaun said…
because of this post, watch the prices of the Zodiac Pig Doraemon in HK soar on ebay, with the bulk of buyers being from SG. :)
kluxorious said…
well at least you have those. We don't have any of it in Malaysia.
The reason why Singapore Mac don’t have the pig is because they though it would be insensitive to the Malays. However they did not do away with the dog! LOL

However the Malay community said it was actually ok.

Well you can see it as a corporate mistake on the part of Singapore Macs!
Anonymous said…
@leon well what singapore do much better than what the others MCD did
I am currently at canada to study so I can say nothing here same goes with US check their websites they only give happy meal lol toys that's all and a newspaper for breakfast menu -__-
Anonymous said…
but true I tho I can get complete set from SG when my sister went singapore I didn't know it only released 3 every week -_- so I only got 3.
TheFuzzy said…

Maybe, they should throw in Doraemon Zodiac Hongbao in compensation for shortchanging us! Kekekekek!
chrismandesign said…
Here in Colombia the toys in happy meals, makes me unhappy =@ & there r not such toys available (only those of Hollywood movies that don’t appeal to me =P)... however, this post makes me feel that McDonald r a bunch of cheaters (ups !!! i did it again !!! like the wellknown philosopher Britney Spears would says...)

P.D. i saw u visited my last post & ur comment was: ( ) =PPPP
LEon said…
It is highly possible. :)

Well it is rather frustrating to give some and hold some you know.

@Little Plastic Man
Yes and now they are trying to do some damage control.

Which 3 your sister got? Did she get the uglydoll for you?

Thanks for the update! Rejoice!

That's an idea!

Do share what your happy meal toy over that end. Maybe it's different from us. :)
Anonymous said…
yes I got ugly dolls but when I back home ^^ and for doraemon I only remeber chicken lol forgot the rest I think you know the rest coz i don't know what SG released that week
LEon said…
Should be rooster, dog and monkey. :)
Juliana said…
Hmmm, that makes the Cupid Doraemon toy exclusive to Singapore! We can trade it for the Pig Doraemon toys with Hong Kong collectors :)
Juliana said…
Wow, even the HK McDs website is so cute and cool! Have you seen the Singapore McDs website? It's at the other extreme :(
LEon said…
THe cupid is exclusive to the collector kit in HK yes and I agree HK mcdonald did a better presentation.
desmond said…
Singapore is a multi national country. So, sometimes no choice :)
Juliana said…
Oops, I missed seeing the Cupid Doraemon toy in the HK Collector's Kit, my bad :P

Anyway I just bought the Cupid Doraemon today as a gift for someone :)
LEon said…
in a way yes but they shouldn't assume others will feel offended.

It will make a sweet valentine gift. :)
Unknown said…
Macdonalds should give away the Pig doraemon for free to those who have collected the rest of the 11 doraemons!
LEon said…
That's a good suggestion! Maybe we should push this to mcdonald! XD

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