Paper Ball

Childhood toys are always least at my era. A simple paper ball can give me so much fun and I managed to get my hand on one of this recently. The paper ball was made by thin layers of colorful paper carefully sticking to each other. Normally come in a neat fold pack waiting to be inflated.

It has a hole for you to blow the air in. The more you blow the air in, the more it will expand and take the shape of the ball.

Once it is fully expand, it is time for you to have some fun with your friends. Unlike rubber ball, paper ball needed to be handle with care even in playing. As the paper is light, it will give a gracefully floating effect whenever you play with it. If there are any wind, that will affect where the paper ball will land too.

This dog of mine just love ball in general and when I was doing this paper ball review, he gave me this kind of look.

* Is that a ball? I love ball! Give it to me!

Before the ball hit the ground, he dashed to the paper ball and bite it. You can imagine what will be the fate of the paper ball...totally crashed.

That not all, when he realized that the ball did not squeak or bounces like his play ball, he proceed to tear the paper ball apart... I was too late to do anything. I only managed to rebuke him and stop him from swallowing  the paper.

Well so that's all this week yester year toys from me. I am pretty sure some of you from Asia may have play with paper ball before. If you like this article, forward or spread this to your friends and share the memories. We shall continue the next yester year toys next Sunday!


kluxorious said…
I feel sorry for the toy
chrismandesign said…
is a fact... this toy is not as sturdy as memories o___O>>> LOL... but it’s still clever... in my country there r not such kind of toys... myb balls made of pieces of cloth more durable (that endure even pet bites kjakjakjkajkajkjakjakja!!!)... it’s interesting to know this kind of stuff, indeed is a way to know other cultures & imaginaries =O
LEon said…
It's okay, my dog got his punishment already. I think I still can get it again if I wanted to. I will make sure my kid will know about this paper ball. :)

This Paper ball concept are more from China. In the late 70s these balls are still easy to find but as it hit the 80s it being replaced by rubber or plastic ball.
Anonymous said…
OMG this toys still exist
LEon said…
That was my reaction when I saw it on sale at a mamashop.
desmond said…
Never see this during my childhood life.
Ant Sized Man said…
Interesting, never seen or heard of a paper ball before.
Juliana said…
Wow, that's another part of my childhood memories! :D
LEon said…
Seriously?! Hm...

@Ant Sized Man
I can understand as paper ball are more popular in certain part of Asia.

For a moment I really thought I was the only one that played with paper ball in my childhood.
chubbybots said…
Man it couldn't even last a bite haha :D

I didn't play with this before! The balls I played were those plastic ones that cost a dollar each :D The simple joys we take in the simplest of toys ^^
LEon said…
I remember those plastic ball too! My time was about $0.50 then later it goes up to $1. Mostly red plastic ball which is smaller than an actual football and come in a red plastic net. Used to use that net to go catch fishes at some drains. LOL
janus lu said…
Wow! I like your blog, Leon. It was nice and I feel good. You got a cute dog too. Keep it up! :)
I remember recently my wife managed to get this ball for my kids to play. It still is fun for kids nowadays. Where did you get all these old school toys man!
LEon said…
@Janus Lu
Thank you Janus. :D

I found it at a mama shop but I saw the same toy on sale at Daiso.

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