China Mcdonalds have Valentine Popobe Bears instead!

While Singapore and Hongkong mcdonald having Doraemon Zodiac Lucky Charm, China mcdonald is having Popobe bear instead.

* Photo credits to mcdonalds china

Popobe bear is created and patented brand from china as a customizable designer soft Vinyl. They are exposure are well in America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

China decided to market valentine theme. For toys they offer 3 set of design as a couple bear.

* Photo credits to mcdonalds china

I am impressed with the stylish design but I am all the more impressed how China mcdonalds did their marketing on their website with offers of 12 zodiac animation of the Popobe Bears.

It seems like China mcdonalds are more youthful and vibrant for the Chinese New year. Which you prefer? Doreamon or Popobe Bear?

Updated: Here is a review one of this toy.


moemoekyun said…
>_< I want this but I don't have GF or whatever so I don't need ^^;;
I prefer Doreamon more. CNY kind of take over Valentine's day. Ha! Ha! Selective forgetfulness. Ha! Ha!
desmond said…
Not my cup of tea anyway..Haha!!
Tom Freak said…
I like Vinyl toys, but was never a fan of Popobe Bears. I still think is a cool thing to acknowledge the toy trends, designer toys are very popular right now, and not only among hardcore toy collectors.

Because of all of that I like this more than Doreamon.
chubbybots said… that is some cool collectables for a macdonalds meal!!

I'll much prefer this over doremon :D
LEon said…
LOL even if you don't have a GF you can still collect these because you like it. ;)

With the economy, I think many will appreciate CNY crashes with valentine. For one those who are not attached can still spend time with family as it is CNY. Only one who suffers are the restaurants and other gift business. Roses are safe this year. LOL

If it is 12 inch figure will you consider? :P LOL

@Freak Studio
I think they study the market very well and being a Fast food chain, attracting youngster should be the first priority. I would thought being China they will do Chinese New year tradition but yet they choose to go modern and use their own branded product which really state that China is different now.

I would have think so too. Mind blowing from China right?
desmond said…
It's still a "no" to me..

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