Ding Dang Snack with Toys

Toys, candies and snacks are something that children treasure in their childhood. What more if these come together in a box? One of my childhood snacks that I saved my daily allowances for was Ding Dang Snack.

I was overjoyed to still find one these days as it is very rare to come by. I thought it was out of production. The last Ding Dang Snack I purchase could be more than two decades ago. I hope I am not giving my age away there? When I saw it once more, I know I have to get it. Some of you may know that this product is from Malaysia.

It is a simple snacks, with some mini chocolate balls and a mystery toy. I got a Lego looking toy with movable arms and legs for this purchase. Pretty cool.

The toy was something that I used to go for and not much of the Chocolates. I remember one Ding Dang Snack cost 50 cents. They used to advertise this snack with the toys on TV. I remember they had a Godzilla looking thumb puppet and I begged my parents for one box of Ding Dang because it look so good on TV. After much begging, my father finally give in to buy me one. I felt like the happiest kid on earth.

However when I opened the box, I realized that the toy quality was not like on TV. I felt cheated. I tally my toys with the TV once the advertisement came out and it once again confirmed my finding. The lesson I learned that day, don't believe in advertisement.

Nevertheless, it still gave me much good memories as this is one snack that my peers and I used to enjoy. To sum it up this snack, I find what Forrest Gump's saying fitting.

"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

Join me next Sunday as I will be sharing more of my Childhood toy down my memory lane. If you like this post pass along to your friend by email, Twitter or via facebook.


Anonymous said…
I remember got a skateboard from snack like that ^0^
and kinder surprise chocolate too
OMG...this is so retro.
chrismandesign said…
kjakjakjkakajkaja... infancy... my madness in that time was with cars, specially Majorettes & Matchbox... it was a problem when my parents couldn’t buy me one, cuz i usually did a fit of temper =O... it’s so embarrasing LOL... i dunno if my hobby is a sort of vengueance, myb i’m so whimsical XDDDD
LEon said…
Kinder Surprise was more expensive. Even today.

@Little Plastic Man
I know you share the my sentiment. LOL

As a child, I know the limit of my parent patience and dare not throw my unhappiness for long. My toy collecting today can be a vengeance too. LOL
Bubbashelby said…
Cool! If we had these in the US I'd buy them up every day!
kluxorious said…
lol the last I eat this was... 20 years ago? hahaha
LEon said…
I am sure in US may have other cool snacks with toys right in the early 80s.

You remember how much it was for sale that time? In Malaysia right?
desmond said…
I didn't have these snacks during my childhood. So, no idea of what contains inside the box :)
Allan said…
Yep, I used to buy this Ding Dang all the time when I was really young.
xuancreative said…
my god! havent seen this here for awhile! used to collect these when I was small.

Cause of the ding dang cover, I thought Doreamon was created in Malaysia when I was small = ="
Anonymous said…
yeah I know kinder surprise getting more and more expensive but I still remember eat something like ding-dang that give me a skateboard and something to put on my finger
Wow! Hard to believe that this snack still existed. This is also the childhood snack of my era!
LEon said…
I'm curious about snack you ate in your childhood.

I know for certain that I should be envy you when I was a kid. LOL

For me I used to think the artist of the snack drew the wrong ding dang. Only later I know they did that on purpose to keep themselves away from any copyright issues. LOL

Ya! That toy to put on the finger were the ones I went for that time!

Precisely when I saw the snack I decided to buy it too. Good times.
Anonymous said…
haha the good old days where I buy the ding dang snack just for the toys :D The excitement of that random plastic in a nice little blue box ^^

Man where did you get this!!
LEon said…
So I am guessing you are around Dennis and my age. :P I got this at a local food wholesale shop in Singapore. Only one left that day.

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