A Random day Stormtroopers at a Cosplay

It been sometime since I did some fun take for comic. So here is one I did when I was reviewing my Predator display toy.

* Snap! The photo has been taken and someday later when it get printed...

Who are these two Silly Stormtroopers? You will find out more of them later. :)


chrismandesign said…
kjakjkajkajkajkkakajkaja... good joke !!! u hav talent man =) i must say that to make comic strips is not my style to post (at least, not by the moment...) i don’t joke with my toys but joke a lot with myself... LOL
kluxorious said…
this is teh cute =3
Juliana said…
Haha, I like this comic strip with the cosplay idea! Keep them coming! :D
LEon said…
Thx! You should try it if you have the time. :)

Will try to do more. :)

Predator only interesting in hunting.

Thanks! Will do more if time permits. :)
Cass said…
Silly Stormtrooper. You don't pose with a knife like that. XD
LEon said…
These stormtroopers are one of the kind. :)
G.G. said…
Funny stuff. I like your toy comic.
Anonymous said…
I noticed there are two mistakes done by the stormtrooper
1. carrying a knife
2. be friendly with predator (looks like predator is ready to swallow them anytime)
Hexlord said…
Hahaha, funny stuff there.

But usually it will be the normal peeps posing with the stormtroopers :P
LEon said…
Thank you! Now I am encourage to do more. LOL

LOL you are right if they are the real deal but in the comic, they are more like cosplayers.:)

You got that right. They would be the popular ones to take photo with. The stormtrooper cosplayers in the comic happen to be a fan of Predator too. :D
chubbybots said…
I sense 2 body counts for the next post lol!! Nice and funny comic man :D You should make more of these!!
LEon said…
Thanks! I will do more of this I promise. :)

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