Mcdonald Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Happy Meal Toy

This month Happy Meal toys offer a choice of toys for two gender Little PetShop or Transformers Animated. When the counter female staff asked me which toy do I want for my happy meal, I exclaimed "I want Optimus Prime!". She repeated after me "Optimus Prime..." with a smile. I mean isn't the choice obvious? She was expecting me to say "I want the Chimpanzee from Little Petshop"?.. No way! LOL

After more than a year of waiting, finally Transformers Animated Happy Meal toy hit Singapore...

Better late than never.

For size comparison, it would be proper to compare with the Voyager Optimus Prime from Transformers Animated.

If you think this is the smallest prime, you are mistaken. Takara Tomy Optimus Prime is still the smallest.

The transformation of Optimus Prime for this Happy meal toys is simple. Six steps and you are done.

In robot mode, the Happy Meal Optimus Prime look much older.

Standing beside the Voyager Optimus Prime as robot mode, it is obvious that Voyager gets the limelight.

Nevertheless, for the decency of the vehicle mode of Happy Meal Optimus Prime, it is still worth my money.


Anonymous said…
argh after KFC no MCD disappoint me >_< the hand can't move at all it the transformation just like the KFC's ironhide
chrismandesign said…
uhmmm i think that this toy is very decent, in both modes (robot & vehicule) the molded & paint job are good too... i liked (but i dun like happy meal...=P) kjakjakjakkja yeah i really liked... i hope u’ll not sell this toy a few months later (like other cruel owners), when i acquire a toy i also adopt him/her/it =)...
Of course Optimus Prime! Who will resist OP! Personally I find Mac's toys comes with good QC and safe for kids. Nice pics on the comparison.
desmond said…
So, you will be collecting the complete series, right? nephew is crazy over this!
Cool toy but in terms of size and the ability to transform, I still love Takara's world smallest transformer series!
Anonymous said…
but still I want this XD ^^;; maybe gonna ask my sis when go SG oh my it's next friday
Anonymous said…
wow...actually the vehicle mode isn't too bad ^^

But haha still its quite good for a happy meal toy :D But my choice will still be the little pet shop figurine like i said b4 lol!!
LEon said…
Sad to inform you that tomorrow the offer will move to Bumblebee...

Yes it is a decent toy with the paint job and all.

Thanks! You getting this as well?

@Little Plastic Man
Agree but we can't expect much from Happy Meal toys which come FREE with the Happy Meal purchases.

LOL So you getting the little pet shop figurine? :P
Ant Sized Man said…
Great review of the little guy, got to say ive never really seen a McD toy which is such quality, looks sturdy and transfroms and as a freebie. Win.
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
Thanks! You should tell me earlier and I would try to get another for you.

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