Mcdonalds Doraemon Lucky Charms set of 12

Mcdonalds has got me visiting because there is another Doraemon series which is a Set of 12. This time it is a small plush toys which they called Doraemon Lucky Charm.

When I saw the set of 12, I was given an impression of Doraemon cosplaying the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals which also have a set of 12. However when I look closer, I realized there was a replacement of Doraemon carrying a Heart name Cupid for an animal. If you are familiar with the Chinese 12 zodiac animals, you will figure which is missing. :)

Anyway 3 will be released every week each for $2 if you order a meal. This week offer are the Tiger, Rabbit and the Dragon.

My intention was to get these for my baby room decoration so I will go for all 12. So here's a short review of the first 3 Lucky Charms. My family quickly open it up before I took them in packaging... The drawing of the Dragon is like Doraemon having a head phone and listening to music. LOL

The coming Chinese Lunar New Year would be Tiger so Tiger get to be first. Hear me ROAR!!! No, this Tiger don't roar but has a fall in love expression. You can see the Chinese character 王 which mean King on top of the Tiger head. Somehow it look like Cat to me. Maybe because of the falling in love expression of Doraemon...

I love the Tiger's tail tho.

Rabbit was a popular figure this week. How I know? The cashier even mention that to me over the counter. I have to agree. It rather rare to see Doraemon in pink.

Long bunny ears and the fluffy rabbit tail? Cuteness 100%!

Finally we get to the Dragon. Doraemon doesn't seem quite pleased to be dress as a Dragon. Maybe it is the color...

It has a big long tail which is helpful to keep it balance sitting. If the fur on his side is white instead of red, it will be more outstanding.

So that all of this week offer. 3 Doraemon Lucky charms. 3 more weeks to go for the remaining 9.

Continue set 2 of this series review here.

Updated: Apparently Honghonk mcdonalds was having the same offer but they have the complete set of zodiac. Read more at What is meaning of this mcdonald?

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Anonymous said…
argh do want do want do want do want @_@
ninjovee said…
When I saw this from another comrade at twitter, I knew you'd be getting them XD

The monkey is missing! I wonder why D:

I thought they'd be made of plastic rather than cloth though... cloth charms often get dirty after a little while ><;
These are so right for the approaching CNY!
LEon said…
If you are residing in Singapore, you can and go for it now!

LOL I guess I am kind of a sucker to Doraemon. :P The monkey is there. See the one with a large ears, that is the monkey. Try guessing again. :)
Agree that the cloth charm get dirty easily, my dogs will think there were their toys so I have keep them out of range from my dogs. LOL

You getting these set for your children too?
Anonymous said…
no I am not in SG ^^;;;
so creative they released near Chinese new year
So when is the baby due...
rockleelotus said…
omg so cute! they will make great decor for the baby room ^^
too hard to pick a fav, we dont get the cute stuff like that over here lol
LEon said…
Yes it is good marketing from mcdonald's part. :)

@Little Plastic Man
Less than a month. :)

Where do you stay?
desmond said…
Wow Leon, becoming a father soon..You must be excited anytime in this month :)
LEon said…
I am excited!! I just hope everything is smooth going. :)
Unknown said…
I think the pig was missing right??
I have gotten the first 3, i like the rabbit doraemon best. The dragomon totally looks unhappy with its outfit! LOL
LEon said…
Bingo! You got all that right! You collecting the whole set too?
Astro Galaxy said…
Wow... these are very cute! I like the Tiger and Rabbit best!
LEon said…
Good choice! LOL
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

Congrates on being a father soon! :)

I nearly bought the Rabbit Doraemon but didn't in the end. It was an impulsive thought for me...

I look forward to seeing your full set being reviewed! :D
LEon said…
Thanks! I understand that the pink rabbit is quite hot for the ladies collector. Will comply your request when I get my hands on them. :D
yunn said…
anyone with spare 1st set?
LEon said…
I do not have a spare for the 1st set. So Sorry. :(
kayashino said…
Hi, I wonder if anyone is interested in getting the whole set from HK , the dolls are 18cm each and the pig Doraemon is included, I'm ordering for myself, and would like to look for like minded people to share the shipping cost , very nice & thoughtful pics taken :D
LEon said…
Hey kayashino, can you contact me here?
CherylCheryl said…
hi, i saw looking around for the lucky charm and found ur blog. nice pictures of the doraemon (:

im a fan of Mcd toys too..
LEon said…
Thank you. So you collected the whole set? I'm still waiting for the Pig Doraemon to complete it. :)

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