Final Set of Mcdonald Doraemon Lucky Charm, Rat, OX and Valentine?

Finally we are at the last set of Mcdonald Doraemon Lucky Charm. Actually I can't say it is the final as the Zodiac Pig is coming on April after much demand and feedback. So this week, here is the Rat, OX and the Valentine.

First of we have the Rat. Doraemon always have a phomia of Rat or mice which he claimed that his ears were bitten off by mouse. So naturally when you want to dress Doraemon to the Rat costume, this is what he will give you.

The Rat to me look cute especially from the back view. See the cute looking pinky tail?

Cow is a noble animal and known for his hardworking attribute. Doraemon is hardworking too.

I am glad that they use this black and white marking for the OX... wait, a OX do not have such patches, only Cow has it... The patches reminded me more of a Dalmatian that is if you remove the horns and the ears.

Finally we are down to the replacement of the Zodiac Pig comes Valentine Doraemon. With no link of Chinese Zodiac animals and no cosplay, this Doraemon just doesn't fit in well. However a lot of young people wanted this most to give to their Sweetheart in Valentine.

The only flaw is Doreamon's tail. It suppose to be round and small.

Finally a group photo of this week set. Valentine being the hottest toy of the this set.

Here's my "almost" complete set of Doreamon lucky charm and you may know that One of these thing does not belongs together. :)

Will wait for the Zodiac Pig to complete the set. Meanwhile will use these to decorate my baby's bed.


moemoekyun said…
congratulation just need single one :) take picture of your baby's bed soon
eh O_O the pig coming april ??
chrismandesign said…
fantastic LEon... the complete (ejem !!! almost complete...) set looks nice & cute, cute, cute >---*___O---<... here in my country, the happy meals toys available in (the cheater multinational company) McDonalds r from Super Power Puff Girls & Mighty Atom a.k.a. Astroboy...
Juliana said…
I've been waiting too see this review since last week :) Congrates on getting all the Doraemon toys out so far! At a McDs outlet I visited during the weekend, only Cupid Doraemon was left :P
LEon said…
Yes I will do that real soon. :)

Thanks. What are the others toy in your mcdonald over there selling? Can take some photos?

Sorry for the wait. Had lot of things to do on weekend that's why. I didn't know cupid is not popular. LOL Maybe I got the wrong info...
saruman said…
not bad at all! vry very nice leon!
They will really make good decor at home for the coming CNY! Just piggy to complete all. Way to go!
Unknown said…
Doraemon can do anything.. and this concept are very suit to him..
LEon said…
Thanks bro!

Yes now waiting for the pig! LOL

You are right. Doraemon is a good helper. :)
desmond said…
My friend is short of "Doggie Doraemon", anyone got extra piece of that??
Pek Chek Kia said…
cant wait to see the snap shoot of the full collection, LEon XD

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