Meiko Nendoroid Petit

Happy New year everyone!

It is the beginning of 2010 and off I go for a toy review. Today we have Nendoroid Petit from the Vocaloid series 1. I got one this week at a shop.

Since all of the vocaloid in the series are cute, I don't mind going for a blind box.

Of course I hope very much for a Miku Hatsune.

But the truth is anyone of these will do as long as I do not have an extra. That would be impossible since I have none to start with.

As I opened the toy box, I saw a Snap it logo for a contest I think. I don't really know how that works and neither I think it is applicable since I am in Singapore and not Japan.

The figure I got from this blind box is a normal Meiko. I am quite pleased with it.

I love the cute expression of her winking at me. :D

I love particularity the toning effect on their hair. That really make a difference in term of quality.

Her costume is simple and rather down to earth. With a red zip top, red skirt with white belt and brown boots. Classy. I was hoping the right hand fingers to do a Peace sign. That will be more cuter.

Her arms are movable but if you move her left arm up, it look like she is hoping a cup to take a slip of the tea.

This figure provide a transparent stand that assist the toy to stand upright. It is hard to do without that.

Now the skirt can be removed leaving her wearing a white panty. I know that may interest some.

Overall loving this Meiko! What about you?


Saw this set of Petit Nendoroid the other day at Yishun mall selling at 40 plus. They are really adorable!
Anonymous said…
happy new year man!
desmond said…
Happy new year bro!! This little figurine surprised me with her removable skirt :)
LEon said…
The whole set of Vocaloid Petit?!

Happy New year to you too! :)

Happy new year to you too. It was a wonderful surprised I guess. LOL
Anonymous said…
Happy new year mate :D Start off the year with some cute stuff haha
Anonymous said…
Oh oh!!

White Pantsu! Not very nice to take off a Lady vocaloid's skirt! ;P
LEon said…
Yes. What great way to start a year. ;) Happy New year to you too.

You are right. I was jealous about her flat tummy tho. LOL
Pek Chek Kia said…
Thank is so cute of Meiko + interesting removable...
I wan one! haha
rockleelotus said…
blind box and you got Meiko! love her ^^ but your right all of them are so cute its quite easy to be satisfied with any. however i was not aware of the removeable skirt lol lovely :3
LEon said…
@Pek Chek Kia
Did know you are into toy now bro. LOL You can get the whole set if you want. :)

It was a pleasant discovery for me also (regarding the removable) :)
Anonymous said…
Happy new year ^0^
nice figures you get first toys of the year ??
LEon said…
Happy new year! I got this figure less than two days ago actually but is the last toy I opened in 2009 and make it to the 1st toy for 2010. :D
chrismandesign said…
this girl is precious... i hav some female gashapons yet, that i will not publish probably (cuz i post complete sets, with the gundam gashapons as exception...) but now that u publish this beautiful figure... i’m doubting LOL... happy new year colleague, could u teach me how to write that in ur native language ???
LEon said…
Maybe you should. What is stopping you? Singapore have many races so being chinese my native language would be 新年快乐. :) So 新年快乐 to you. :D

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