Medicom VCD Cool Doraemon, A Grown Up verison

Have you ever wonder how Doraemon look if he ever have a chance to grow up? Although we know being a robot you will never grow up. But does that interest you to know what if he can?

Will he be as fat or chubby or short like he used to be? So maybe he grow to be a fine young man, smart and handsome looking.  Wonder no more, here is a version of Doraemon if he actually grow up.

How's that? I think it's pretty new and unique to me.

VCD Cool Doraemon with the height of 17.5cm is a limited Edition (800 pieces only) under the series Vinyl Collectibles Dolls from Medicom for Wonder Festival Winter 2010 event.

If you are interested in getting this limited item, you can head over to Tokyo Hunter but hurry as he can only get it before 5th February 2010.

Maybe this version could inspire cosplayer to cosplay this version of Doraemon, No?


chrismandesign said…
well LEon, i hav no doubt bout Medicom figures quality & the extra limited edition is interesting, but the figure itself doesn’t appeal to me... he looks simply weird, not funny neither cool, at least for my taste... i’m a vynil designer toys fan, but this piece will not b in my wishlist... nevertheless, thx for ur post, so if someone tries to surprise me with the Young Guy Doraemon version i’ll know exactly what to reply...
moemoekyun said…
eh is that doraemon @_@ @_@ @_@
I still wish that Doraemon stay cute and chubby like he always is. Ha! Ha!
desmond said…
This grown-up version is not as nice as the cute version.
chubbybots said…
I think i'll prefer the small cute chubby version that I grew to love lol...looks kinda weird for a fully grown doraemon ^^
LEon said…
I think it is a bold move too. We never know some may like it.

Yes apparently it is the grown up version

I would think so too.

yes it is suppose to be cool than cute. But I think it not can't reach cool too.

Yes it is like a cosplayer doing doreamon.

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