31 July 2010

Sangokuden No. 23 Shin Moukosou Sonken Gundam 孫権ガンダム Preview

This is a preview of the new Sangokuden model kit which will be releasing in a few days.

*Please note that the model kit was partially painted and there maybe inaccuracy in the paint color.

First off is  Sonken . This is a new version of Sonken from the Battle of the Brave. Take note of the parts in this photo.

If you have watched the series, Sonken is actually GP-03 in the Gundam model.

The beauty of this Model kit comes with the Upgrades like the sword.

And the Shield from the back of Sonken

Sonken screen can be pull down too for this model kit but I didn't for this preview.

Now with these upgrades, Sonken look much better for battle!

Is this a better Sonken than the former versions?

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30 July 2010

Gundam Premiere League

During Tokyo Show 2010, the world cup was over but the fever seems to remain. Look! A Soccer game!

On closer look on the commotion. It's a match between baby GM and Zaku!

GM were doing their defense against the fierce offensive attack of Zaku!

But where's the ball?

This match was brought to you by Happinet. :P
By the way please reminded that there is really a Bandai World Cup with more details coming later. Stay Tune!

29 July 2010

Kamen Rider W in 3D!

 During the Tokyo Toy Show 2010, Kamen Rider show case many cool Kamen Rider stuff

One of the interesting part was their latest Henshin kits from Double!

Closer look on the selection for a mix and match. You have to at least know which is which first. 

The belt of Double which is vital for the Henshin transformation.

The former were not forgotten too.

One thing that strike me was there were Kamen Rider W in 3D. Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z Gaia Memories of Fate will be showing on 7 August 2010.

You will have to put on the 3D glasses of course to see the effect. From the looks of the viewer, it must be really exciting.

Seems like everything is going to 3D. Seems like a good and next safe way to go 3D...or is it really?

28 July 2010

August Calendar 2010

Recently there were huge down pour which is rather unusual in this time of the month. As a result, some areas in Singapore even at Orchard Road experience flooding! It used to hot and sunny maybe it has to do with global warming?

Anyway for the month of August, I have a lady figure playing ball by a pool.

Choices of resolution for this calendar wallpaper:
1024x768 | 1280x800 | 1680x1050

I can't recall where this lady figure came from. I have a full set of these couples of years back as they look great. If anyone know which series she is from, let me know. :)

If you enjoy these calendar wallpaper do let me know. I need your feedback.

My Domokun gone to Japan

This is a little bit late but I just suddenly remember. :P Yes, my Domokun went to Japan last Friday without me. He was the lucky one requested by my friend to bring along with them for a "Free and Easy" back pack trip.

Domokun and my friends will be visiting various part of Japan and will returning (hopefully in one piece) to share with us their adventures with lots of photos.

Till then, I pray for their safety (especially for my Domokun!) T-T

27 July 2010

Yummy Asuka & Rei

If you have to say what is the most successful of Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン), I am certain the Mecha and the male lead would not be in your top position. The popular choice would be the two popular female character, Asuka Langley Soryu...

and Rei Ayanami.

They are so popular, they have their own brand of Chocolate Wafers!

Brought to you by Bandai! Surprise?

Each of the boxes contain 3 chocolate wafers and 2 limited collectible chrome cards in accordance to character of the box. Many like me will go for the cards.

Here's Asuka!

And another pose by Asuka which is humanly impossible to do that she did for the card. If you think you can do that, let me know ya? I will nominate you in the guinness book of record. LOL

For Rei supporter, here's the two design both in portraits layout.

Now the wafers which many do not care about but since I bought it, I will consume it.Never waste your food you know. :P

As I was looking at the wrapper, I found something that cracked me up! A message of Rei was found on her chocolate wafer wrapper.

and here's Asuka version on her chocolate wrapper...

Now don't get the wrong ideas guy. The message is regarding the unwrapping of the the wrapper and nothing else okay?

Anyway how can the review be complete without reviewing the chocolate wafer? And so I open the wrapper as gentle and as non-violence as I can. The chocolate wafer look tasty!

I took a bite. Hm....

The wafer taste like.... Chocolate. Sorry no green tea favor Dudes.

Anyway I bought these mainly for the cards by the lure of the attractive packaging. Make a guess how much were these Chocolate wafer on sales in Singapore currency and tell me do you think it's worth it?

26 July 2010

Origin of the name of Gundam

Ever since the I blogged about "How's Gundam gets it Name", I have been getting many response from Gundam fans. Some commented and some even email me. I was very glad to see the responses.

As the need to find out the truth, I decided to get to the source for the answer with the questions and facts that I found. If there is anyone who knows the answer, it should be Bandai. Through some connections, the questions went up to Bandai South Asia. Below is their reply in italic. :)

As I checked, the information is almost correct. but I had found some detail info, so I add it...

The first concept of Gundam was just story of boys and girls who ride on to space ship during the space war against alien and support each other and survive. There was no robot (mobile suit) at this moment.

But to make more story exciting, Mr.Shichiro KOMATSU / president of Clover requested production side to add robot. Also SF novel author Mr.Haruka TAKACHIHO introduce SF novel which is "Starship Troopers (Robert Anson Heinlein)" and get a idea from book illustration "Powered Suit" and based on this illustration Mr.Kunio Ogawara designed the "Assault Attack Mobile Troops(突撃攻撃型機動歩兵)".

This design was about 2.5m almost same size as "Powered Suit". But they feel it too small and not acceptable to kids, so they had change the size to 18m which is not too big for Powered suit and not too small for robot. Based on this concept, they had designed 3 types of robot, which is for long-range battle, middle-range battle and combat battle (This 3types of idea became a Guntank, Guncannon and Gundam in future). For the naming for this robot, first they had planned to use "Powered Suit" but due to the licensing problem, they decided to use "Mobile Suit". Also they plan to have a space station, but due to mobile suit size, they plan to have a space colony which mobile suit can go inside. This idea was based on Gerard Kitchen O'Neill, who is physical scientist.

During its conceptual phase, the series was titled Freedom Fighter Gunboy, or simply Gunboy for the gun the robot was armed with, and the primary target demographic were shōnen (boys). In the early production stages, there were numerous references to the word "freedom": the White Base was originally "Freedom's Fortress", the Core Fighter was the "Freedom Wing", and the Gunperry was the "Freedom Cruiser". The Yatate team combined the English word "gun" with the last syllable of the word "freedom" to form the name Gundom. Tomino then changed it to the current title, suggesting that Gundam signified a powerful unit wielding a gun powerful enough to hold back enemies, like a hydroelectric dam holding back floods.[8]

So I guess the wiki on Gundam is correct for the early origin of Gundam name. It is only the later Gundam series then trying to give relevancy to the name of Gundam. So there we have it people. Some of our understand seems correct and I was glad now we can straighten things out...at least for me personally. LOL

25 July 2010

Real Grade RX-78-2 Part 1

As Ngee Khiong got his Real Grade RX-78-2, I was excited to finally get my hands on mine too after reading so much good review about it over the net and saw it myself during the Mascot Parade sometime back.

RX-78-2 was the first of it's kind in Bandai Model kit history with lots of details and articulation for it size. A "MUST HAVE" for Gundam and Gunpla fans. My purchase comes with a Club GUNPLA coupon that allow me to redeem original products.

Open up the box and all the runners, decals, Manual and Club Gunpla coupon were display neat and nicely.

This is the Club Gunpla coupon card with a Serial No for registration at the bottom of the card as a prove of purchasing the original product. Once you have collected enough Club Gunpla points, you can redeem original products. Sound good!

It is the first time I remember the lower box are black laminated. Normally are plain card board.

I guess the first step to do this up is doing the body frame. Look quite alright to me.

Tools for Real Grades are important as the parts are small and need precision cutting.

One of the challenges is that decal as they are tiny! Look at the size of my thumb as a reference.

You would need a pincer to assist in applying the decal.

One more thing! If you are getting this Real Grade, you may want to look out for the free gimmick from the Sept issue of Deneki Hobby Magazine.

I will try to get one copy of that. Now I need to find time to piece this Real Grade carefully.

24 July 2010

Gundam Cafe's Coasters

My friend Zaku999 went to Japan Gundam Cafe and he bought some gift for me and Ngee Khiong since he was in town.

Each packet consist of 6 random coaster.

The mark of originality.

Other information can be found at the back of the packet.

So which random 6 do I have? Let's count down! First off RX-78!

MS-07B Gouf

Haro in the UC era! Cute!



and lastly, Guncannon  RX-77

And that's all six coasters I got. My sincere thanks to zaku999 for getting these gift to us. :)

Which one you think I should use it first? :P

By the way, here are some photos zaku999 took at the Gundam cafe on his last visit.

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