Yummy Asuka & Rei

If you have to say what is the most successful of Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン), I am certain the Mecha and the male lead would not be in your top position. The popular choice would be the two popular female character, Asuka Langley Soryu...

and Rei Ayanami.

They are so popular, they have their own brand of Chocolate Wafers!

Brought to you by Bandai! Surprise?

Each of the boxes contain 3 chocolate wafers and 2 limited collectible chrome cards in accordance to character of the box. Many like me will go for the cards.

Here's Asuka!

And another pose by Asuka which is humanly impossible to do that she did for the card. If you think you can do that, let me know ya? I will nominate you in the guinness book of record. LOL

For Rei supporter, here's the two design both in portraits layout.

Now the wafers which many do not care about but since I bought it, I will consume it.Never waste your food you know. :P

As I was looking at the wrapper, I found something that cracked me up! A message of Rei was found on her chocolate wafer wrapper.

and here's Asuka version on her chocolate wrapper...

Now don't get the wrong ideas guy. The message is regarding the unwrapping of the the wrapper and nothing else okay?

Anyway how can the review be complete without reviewing the chocolate wafer? And so I open the wrapper as gentle and as non-violence as I can. The chocolate wafer look tasty!

I took a bite. Hm....

The wafer taste like.... Chocolate. Sorry no green tea favor Dudes.

Anyway I bought these mainly for the cards by the lure of the attractive packaging. Make a guess how much were these Chocolate wafer on sales in Singapore currency and tell me do you think it's worth it?


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