SD Gyan by Chubbybots

Sometime ago, I passed a SD Gyan to Chubbybots to commission him to do some modification to the model kit and to my delight, he did these!

This is quite a heavy modification model kit as the model kit I passed to him have some defect but he managed to turn it around to do this as a statue looking model kit!

There was no modification on the weapon part but the metal coloring give a realistic feel and heaviness of the weapon.

The Shield on the other hand becomes more deadly. Chubbybots added 3 more blades making it a total of 6 blades!

In case you do not know, the longer blades were the modified ones.

The jetpack was originally being glued together but with Chubbybots creativity, he cut it apart and place it to an action pose.

He also extended the cape to give a majestic feel of the action.

The leg were extended too to give some wider motion of the leg.

Have I told you that I love the metallic feel of the helmet?

There are various sharp looking blades on Gyan and the metal finishing enhance that effect.

This modification really capture a fearsome warrior in action and my salute to Chubbybots for his creativity.

Personally I recommend Chubbybots to enter some model kit contest for I am convince that he is really good in this area. What do you think?

More of Chubbybots making of this model and finishing post here.


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