Coming Sangokuden Premiums: SHIJINKIKOU SENSHA

Remember the last Sangokuden Premiums: 12 Mirisha Weapons? Well Sangokuden fans good news for you, another Premium is coming our way!

Note: The following are shots of preview toys which does NOT belong to me. The model kit are painted but the Premium set are of it's original colors.

SHIJINKIKOU SENSHA (真 四神马甲)are the new premium consist of four parts which allow both individual and combination mode. Again these parts are Not for Sale.

These set of Premium are design to enhance the Sangokuden horses.

The different parts will result in the following individually.



凤嘴甲 and 虎牙甲

Wait, there's more. Combine some of the parts and you will get this Chariot!, 四神鬼甲战车!

This is the way to mount it on the horses

Both on each side

And to complete the look, add your favorite Sangokuden character of your choice!

With this Premium, I am sure it will enhance Sangokuden collection!

PS: There is another push cart mode which is not shown here. Maybe if I can, will show it later.

These premium and other Gundam model kit previews will be appearing on the coming Cosmos Mascot Parade at scape this coming Saturday 3 July. There's another good reason to drop by!

The actual kit and promotion will be announce later.

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