Sangokuden No. 23 Shin Moukosou Sonken Gundam 孫権ガンダム Preview

This is a preview of the new Sangokuden model kit which will be releasing in a few days.

*Please note that the model kit was partially painted and there maybe inaccuracy in the paint color.

First off is  Sonken . This is a new version of Sonken from the Battle of the Brave. Take note of the parts in this photo.

If you have watched the series, Sonken is actually GP-03 in the Gundam model.

The beauty of this Model kit comes with the Upgrades like the sword.

And the Shield from the back of Sonken

Sonken screen can be pull down too for this model kit but I didn't for this preview.

Now with these upgrades, Sonken look much better for battle!

Is this a better Sonken than the former versions?

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