Smurfs Back to Nature

In the Smurfs cartoons, Smurfs live in a Forrest village. After having the smurfs toys with me, I decided to take them out to the nature to take some shots on them. I hope to kinda recreate the nature feel of these happy go lucky fellas. So back to nature it is for some of the Smurfs.

Evolution doesn't apply to Smurfs. Why? Because they never have protective color. With blue skin and white garments, they are easy to spot by any predator.
 Wait a skin and staying in the wild sound like Avatar!

Talking about camouflage, only Wild smurf stand a good chances for survival being one with the environment. Can you see him?

Still the blue skin gave them away.

Have you ever wonder how Smurf can keep their white garment clean living in a forest? It must be a heck of effort to keep their pants and hat clean and white. Must be hardwork...

Once again, I don't think Wild smurf have that problem...come to think of it, I don't think Wild smurf keep himself clean like the rest...

When it comes to keeping clean and green, you got to ask Vanity Smurf for it.

But we rather not go there lest he start to chat non-stop about himself. If you know what I mean.

So that's some shots of Smurfs being back to Nature. Do you think they feel at home there?


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