Ultraman from Ultra Act

Alas after years of waiting a decent looking Ultraman Action figure from Bandai!

This figure come with a nice packaging as a box.

The best of the feature the back of the box summarized it all. Nice sculpt, articulated and lots of actions!

Let's open the toy!

Bandai was pretty generous in accessories for this figure. A total of 4 pairs of hands!

The hands can be easily put on and pull out.

A closed up of Ultraman shows the flawless in proportion of the Ultraman head as we know it.

The trademarks and series number are printed at the sole of his feet.

In line with the latest movie, Ultraman was given a cape...A very "Strong" cape.

I guess it has to do with Royalty and Ultraman seems to pull that off well. Does that make him look tougher?

Now he look more like a Prince but I still have a wrestler feeling about him.

I compare this with another (can not make it) Ultraman from SRC that I have.

He maybe smaller but this toy have more better features. Here, let me show you what I mean.

Since this is an action figure, let me put to the test of various pose it can do. and let's start off from the beginning!


Now take flight! So streamline!

Pose for battle action!

Doing the Yoga or mediation...See how articulated?

Kamekameha! I'm sorry that's not so Ultraman but I can't help it. :P

He is suppose to do this. LOL

Now here's something I really like about this figure in term of Ultraman. As we all know his form has a timing on earth and when his time is almost up.his chest light would turn red and start beeping. This toy come with a changeable chest pieces from Blue to Red. How cool is that!

Have to change it manually. Becareful as it is a small piece. Now Ultraman turn "Hollow". :P

There! Red Alert Ultraman!

Pop quiz hot shot! What will Ultraman do next?

Can you guess it?

That's right! After few minutes of physical fighting in vain, Ultraman will do his finishing move to eliminated the monster!

Now I always wonder why Ultraman do not want to do that in the beginning. Maybe he was lonely and want some body contact or he is so cruel to play with his enemies to give them a false sense that they are winning? My best guess was all about entertainment and drama.

Whatever it is, Ultraman gets the last laugh for drilling his signature appearance to end on the kids of that generation (including me).

If you are a Ultraman fan, this figure is a MUST have for the price and quality.

I will be doing some fun series about this figure soon.

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