Mascot Parade 2010 Happening

Now here's an updates on the event itself with some snapshots. I have to say due to the lack of time on my side, I couldn't wait for the parade to begin but I have managed to take some shots of the stalls and happening.

Beside the preview of the releasing Gundam, there were some award winning model kit on Gundam showcase display that day.

There were works from bakuc award winners

Award winning Musha Gundam by Leon Ku

This year MG Model Kit winner by Toymaker

But the most grand piece is this!

I was told that the Gundam was done by Leon Ku, the background Diorama by Toymaker and the rest of the figures by Hobby Art Gallery!

I like the details so much that I taken much photo of it.

There were Model kit workshop there to encourage and introduce Model kit making by some experience Model kit makers.

Something that interest me was the selling of LED and gadget if you would like some lighting to your gundam model kits like these. Cool!

The event was not only about Gundam. There was Weils Schwarz Tournament area there too for card players. See these cute and colorful anime looking cards?

No doubt there was a tournament but there are also some experts there introducing the game play to those who want to find out more. Too bad I don't have the time to listen...maybe next time. :)

There are lot of choices of card design when you decided to put up this game. If you like an anime, just pick one of your favorite for the cards.

There were card protection cover too. Some of which are quite sexy like Queen blade. :P

Beside these cards, there are badges and buttons...


and even these Hatsune Miku phone or key chain!

There were some of the PVC figures on great discount (50%)!

We also discovered at Scape there was a Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe.

Before I left, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Ani-mates Alodia and Ashley (both also cosplayers) on stage.

Very long post. I will stop here. Maybe a conclusion post later? LOL


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